An AIEHTM  treatment is 60 or 90 minutes long and begins with an intake form that includes your basic information and your health history. To begin we do a grounding exercise, and some mindfulness breathing to help you become more relaxed and present. Healing and the movement of energy works best when we are connected and conversing through the heart. We might take some time in conversation to get to a place of trust and comfortability. 


You will take some time to set a positive intention for your session and identify what the focus is for your treatment. For the treatment itself, you will be lying fully clothed on a massage table and guided to relax and take some deep breaths. The clinician will scan your energy field, and chakra system to get a sense of what’s going on. 

In a healing session, the clinician channels universal energy directly into the biofield of the client. This energy varies in frequency based on the needs of the client at any given time. By doing this, we are increasing the amount of energy your own body has to support the changes that it needs to make. Your body's own innate healing response is more effective when its resources are increased, and having a clinician channel energy into your field is a way to increase its resources.