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Are You Ready To Dive Deep On The Healing Journey ? 



The Soul Growth Breakthrough Bundle is a seven week (or fourteen week bi-weekly) hybrid container designed to support you in moving through the energetic blocks that are holding you back from living your best life. Shadow work, and the more intense dark night of the soul, are passages of learning that all spiritually inclined humans will pass through in their life. Often initiated by feelings of loss, heartbreak, or a sense of restriction; when it comes to shadow work, no one can do the work for you, but it's MUCH easier when we have people in our corner to point the way and cheer us on. This program aims to give you the expanded container, the unconditionally loving support, and the energetics tools you'll need to help you succeed on your path.

You'll be supported to courageously walk the path of inner growth 

that leads to more light & understanding in your life. 


Soul Growth Breakthrough Bundle is for those people who:

Want to understand their current life circumstances in a deeper way

Are experiencing a sense of constriction or constraint in their outer life and/or internal

state of being that was not there previously.

Feel like they are moving through a spiritual awakening and/or a dark night of the soul.

Want to feel seen, and experience validation for their emotions.

Want to make more time for themselves.

Desire a healthy and loving connection to their inner world.

Are experiencing old or present moment feelings of grief / anger / sadness / abandonment / betrayal.

Are willing to do the inner work required for transformation.

Desire more joy, aliveness & passion in their life, yet know that there may still be work required to get there.

Desire a deeper connection with their heart and soul.

Desire to feel on purpose.


7 1HR weekly or bi-weekly Zoom sessions chalked full of guided meditations, coaching,

breath-work, energy healing techniques, time for inner exploration, and opportunities

share and explore from the heart.

Weekly or biweekly heart work assignments with office hours

4 Printable PDF's designed to support your learning

1 Discovery questionnaire

1 Activation to meet your Higher Self 

1 Sacred Heart attunement

1 Activation to meet and understand the Wounded Inner Child 

Access to Holistic Embodied Enlightenment a seven part mini course on Teachables

1 30 MIN follow up session to ask questions and seek support: to be used

within 3 weeks of your final session

1 Surprise graduation gift mailed directly to you

A Signed copy of my Book Sparks From the Heart

Access to community support through a private Facebook group

The ability to book subsequent sessions at any time in the future using an 11%

graduate discount

Your Investment: $888 CAD + tax

(Or Choose A Three Month Payment Plan Of 3 X $311 CAD + tax)

Are you someone who prefers to take their time during new experiences?  

Opt-in for 1.5 HR Zoom sessions and get an extra 3.5 hours one-on-one. 

Your Investment: $1044 CAD + tax 

(Or Choose A Three Month Payment Plan Of 3 X $365 CAD + tax)

*** Have You Already Purchased a 1 HR Energy Healing Session To Activate
Your Divine Inner Child? Apply a $55 Discount To Your Purchase At The Checkout.