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          The most common interpretation of the chakra system is that there are seven main ones that exchange energy with the universal energy field around us. In other words, the chakra system is how we assimilate the life experiences that we read through our five senses. As we develop our capacity to be with our inner world, we can experience this exchange through our high sense perception as well. 

          We also have our own individual energy field, called the aura or human energy field. This field consists of different layers of frequency that have specific functions. The lower four layers that sit inside this egg are called the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the etheric template. These are usually the layers we tend to focus on in a session because these are the layers that get affected by life on earth the most.

          In a basic session, we will ground your energy back into the planet, put loving attention on the heart chakra, clear any denser energetics that are currently ready to be released, and support your biofield to move back into its natural rhythm. A basic treatment is very relaxing and can help bring back clarity and vitality that accompanies supporting your field to come back into its alignment. 



Trauma in this context are life experiences that have not been processed. The root of these experiences usually comes from childhood and cycles into your day to day perception of life until it is integrated. Energetically, this is because you don't develop filters on your chakra's until you are about 7 years old. Emotionally, this is because when you are young you need an adult to help you co-regulate big feelings and sometimes this support was not present to you.

          If there was no adult close by to help co-regulate these emotional experiences for you as a child, the body will help to store that emotion so that it can be processed at a later time. However, sometimes these experiences never get processed and you grow up and forget about the effect that they had on you. The truth is though, that the effect of these experiences continue to cycle into your day to day adult life until you make the effort to step back in time and integrate the initial energetic experience. 

          Depending on your level of resilience and level of traumatic integration you would like to work with, having a counselor or therapist in conjunction with energy healing sessions is highly recommended and helps create safety for the process. It takes time for the body to release crystallized energy in a healthy way, and 7-9 treatments seem to be the standard for this type of work. Book a consult and we can discuss the proper course to meet your needs.

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    Do you know in your heart that it is time to let go of someone or something? Do you feel that you are ready to move forward? Dissolving relationship cords is helpful for you if you feel like they are ready, yet there is a little voice in your head, a certain emotion that keeps coming up, or a physical sensation in you body that arises related to someone or something that you used to have a close relationship with.

          In the process of dissolving cords, we connect to higher self of the individual you are connected to, resolve any residual issues from that level, and send compassion to the experience. We consciously remove the attachment or transform it into something that suits you better in the present moment.     




           Loss of any kind, whether it be of a job, a person, an animal, or a particular life experience, is extremely painful and there are stages to the letting go process. The heart is a gentle organ and when it experiences pain it takes time for it to recover. When you experience deep emotional pain, it is also because you have just as equally experienced deep human love. In this process, energy healing can support you in holding a safe container for feeling the pain once you are ready to release attachment. 

          The six stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance (Elizabeth Kubler Ross), and meaning-making (David Kessler). The heart's way of processing change is organic in nature and it is through the letting go of its attachment to a certain life experience that allows it to recalibrate energetically. The heart requires time and the energies of compassion to have its transformation, and the transition becomes easier if we can surrender to the heart's natural rhythm. Energy healing can lovingly support this process of the heart if you feel that you need it.      

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          Illness, from an energetic perspective, means that a certain vibration has entered your field, or risen up from the subconscious for long enough that it has been able to manifest as a physical illness in the body. Your body's physical manifestation of the illness is its way of showing you there is something that you are experiencing that is not in alignment with your truest self.

          When you connect with the divine and our higher self, illness can be seen from another vantage point and the outcome for each client is dependant on the lessons and journey of that person's individual soul. In general, sessions can help you make sense of your experience from a holistic point of view. This includes your thoughts, emotions, spirit, and physical body. Sessions can help you to establish new insights, connections, and understandings to support your healing. They also offer an opportunity to receive clean, high vibrational energy into your field to support the work that is being done with the rest of your health care team as you move you back into a place of well-being.





          Pain in your body usually means that there are certain experiences you have had but have not processed which have now condensed into the body. Stress is usually a prolonged habit pattern that does not match your body's natural rhythm. A session together can look a couple of ways depending on how deep you’d like to go. Without getting into the deep root of an issue, treatments can temporarily remove the pain or reduce stress and can last for varying amounts of time. If you decide to go deeper, getting to the root of the issue means that we look at the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects as well. When we honor, release and transform these pieces in your daily life, you may find it changes the way that you experience pain and stress long term.  

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            Waking up to the ascension process means that your human experience is transforming into a higher and more expanded expression of who you are. Your soul is desiring an experience that is more multidimensional, and this means that your light body activates. During this process you might find that your desires change, you have new extrasensory skills and abilities, and you feel more connected to the planet. There may also be a larger amount of pain that seems to arise out of nowhere, as life issues past and present, can no longer be suppressed within the lighter energetic calibration that your soul is desiring. Sessions are fluid and give space for your questions to be answered and the abnormal to be normalized.