Khaki Campbell Constitutional

  • The Khaki Campell duck who gifted me these feathers was my  neighbor this summer. One day,  I looked  under the spruce tree by the pond and there they were - a feather explosion. I guess she thought it was time for a new outfit. The centre of this dreamcatcher is a baroque pearl and the beaded feather strands have rudraksha seeds repurposed from an old set of mala beads, blue lace agate, and tiger's eye repurposed from old bracelets. The energies of those three crystals and one pearl create a dreamcatcher that holds the wisdom gained through experience; purity (the baroque pearl), the beginning of spiritual evolution (rudraksha seeds), natural calming of a busy mind (lace agate), and gentle release of fear and anxiety (tigers eye). This is one of my favourites! It’s sure to guide and protect the destined soul it was made for in a loving and gentle way.


  • Not what you expected? I am happy to give you a refund once this product is returned in the same condition you received it. Shipping and return shipping costs are not included. 


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"Softer than the flower, where kindness is concerned;

stronger than the thunder, where principles are at stake."

~ Yogananda