What to do when the Only Way Out is Through?

When I started writing these blogs, I vowed to always be authentic as I wrote out my own inner turmoils and lessons from on high. While I alway hoped people would receive value from what I write here, the simple and concise “five bullet points to transform your life” didn't feel like my style. Instead, I wanted this part of my platform to be one where you got to know me and my inner world.

That's the best way to feel you can trust someone I thought, and heart healing happens when we can be vulnerable, sink into our own authenticity, and feel safe sharing what we find there with others.

Ever since my awakening in 2012, I would get messages from time to time, that I was here for the dawning of the new age, and for years that idea remained etherial and metaphorical. But not any more. Humans, are the same as diamonds in a sense; it's under extreme pressure that we begin transform into the beauties that we are truly meant to be, and my friends—we have definitely reached that time.

On the weekend my mom hatched a monarch butterfly. So, we had a photo shoot!

The alarm bells are sounding en masse:

  1. There are huge revolutions happening in various countries (currently Cuba and France) which are being silenced by the main stream media.

  2. It’s highly suggested from many holistic doctors and healers that more people have now died from the experimental vaccine injection than the virus itself, which is also being censored.

  3. Key countries will soon be going into food shortages which has been planned in advance.

  4. There is talk of a global cyber attack which the World Economic Forum has foreseen (aka. told us their plans for in advance).

  5. And all of these (plus so much more), have been put in place in order to roll out the inverted polarity offering of a world wide Global Reset.

Ok, so maybe bullet points are helpful after all, but still I never in a million years thought I would be sharing things that were so well . . . negative. My visions of healership have not turned out exactly as planned. I am not a guru in robes teaching equanimity and enlightenment, nor am I a yogi teaching flexibility and balance, instead I find myself online exposing negative alien agenda’s, psi-ops, secret societies, and the elites plans for world domination. I can honestly say, with all my training in the light, that I never expected it to be so dark!

But if any of you out there are like me, a starseed on a mission, you know as well as I, that what we each signed up to do is beyond the wills of our human ego, and to change the personal game plan that has been carefully layed out with our consent before birth, is like choosing to walk out of the final test that we’ve been studying for for lifetimes.

As I’ve geared up my inner coherence to be able to talk about these subjects in the public realm, I will be honest and tell you that I have thought about walking out, more times than I can count on my fingers and toes, (and to mortified parents who in no way understood the suicidal musings of a starseed who knows full well what's on the other side of death). But when push really comes to shove, my warrior spirit would NEVER choose that path, and so alas . . . the only way out is through.

I never in a million years thought that the information that I would feel called to share would be so counter opposed to the accepted narrative. But here I am and it’s information that I think everyone needs to know. That's because we are in for a decade of multiple negative world events which have been carefully planned (for decades), graciously, by those at the top of the pyramid. Yes, there is a top of the pyramid and what many (although not all) care about is world domination and the enslavement of the human spirit, NOT true freedom or enlightenment.

Happily, both eyes are showing! (It's a disclosure joke).

The thing about me though, as a newly christened freedom fighter who's been taking a peak at the dark agenda, is that when you are trained in the light, the final outcome is not all doom and gloom. That’s because Christ Consciousness: unconditional love, unity, empathy, empowerment, these are the aces in our pockets, the trump cards that vibrationally override every fear based manipulation that will roll out in the future. We all have a birthright to advance on this path if only we are willing to do the inner work required. So, my purpose for focusing on these negative points is ultimately to bring the darkest shadows into the light and to where they no longer have power over us.

On the flip side choosing to stick our heads in the sand about all these things (if our self awareness is strong enough to notice them), will be our downfall. If we on purpose or by accident choose to follow the leader (meaning anyone who is not the Christed self seated inside of our own hearts), or unintentionally adhere to a saviour complex (by choosing to forget that those at the top of the pyramid use high level manipulation tactics as an art form) our spirits will dim, and over time even become disconnected from our bodies. The outcome for humanity in that timeline is not looking so good.

It is also truth from a galactic perspective, that in order for the dark polarity to make their moves, that they need our consent. They need us to be involved and unaware. So instead, if we can see it, it means that we can change it.

The farfetched truth is, when we begin to reactivate the 12 strands of our full spectrum DNA, we become the new masters if this reality, and if we are connected to Gaia nothing can change our (earth loving and sovereignty respecting) course as aspects of her, because we have been invited in love as her emissaries.

The road of the light warrior has a beautiful dream as their final destination, while there is still quite the battle ground to walk through before we arrive, and it's laced with psychic attack, humiliation, negative projections, and so much more. This same terrain though, is also full of valuable soul lesson which is why I believe we have each chosen to come.

If you the reader have chosen to be a light warrior at this time too, choosing to step into the flames of the matrix in order to offer guidance and a better way, the trick is to step into battle with a soul centered heart, galactic and/or elemental protection, and to transmute, transmute, transmute, (one breath at a time) all of the fear, the divide and conquer agendas, and the victim and aggresser strategies that come your way. Remember the principles of the heart, learn psychic protection and practice discernment, so that you can again step into the light of higher awareness, all while blazing a trail of unity consciousness as you do.

With so much love and admiration for my fellow warrior souls,

We are human and divine don't forget :)



“ Va.cc..ina.tions are a medical treatment in the from of an injection for the purpose of increasing immunity that is to be administered to an otherwise healthy individual. Many people are waking up to the unethical actions of the medical - pharma - CDC corporatocracy, corruption ring, that are forcing many v.ac..ci..nation doses in untested combinations to be administered to healthy babies and children. Many of these controversial legalizations that are attempting forced vac..cin..at.ions, violates the very clear language in the Informed Consent section of the AMA Code of Medical Ethics. Informed consent is directly related to preserving a human beings right to self-ownership, autonomy and the prevention of abusive conduct.

Forced vac..cin...at.ion is designed to destroy the laws that protect informed consent and medical freedom, and all people should be mindful of this attack made against our human rights and our body. These actions are intended to return humanity back, to repeat the World War 2 timeline of the Black Sun Agenda when eugenics, gassing undesirable citizens, and other crimes against humanity were perfectly legal and enforced by fascist nations seeking world domination with the support of the negative alien agenda.” Lisa Renee 2017

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