Unity, Black Lives Matter, Trump and Lessons from an Evolving Matrix

While casually taking pictures outside earlier today, I was inspired to spend the night in the Cabin. It was a beautiful day to be off from work. I’ve lived on the west coast for the last seven years where the fall is rainy, so now that I’m in Ontario, I am excited  to experience the refreshing season in the same way that I did growing up. The colors on the trees are already starting to change and today was one of those beautiful fall days where the warmth of summer is still present, flickering its last dance. The trees have already had their first frost which has signalled them to begin withdrawing, and with the clouds a hazy shade of gray-pink, it was a unique kind of day. 

Yesterday was very emotionally moving. I’ve managed to find a place to work that is healthy and nourishing. It’s a local business which has been bestowed to steward a gift from the earth. It's a place where humans of all ages and creeds can visit to connect with our planetary home.  I work at an apple orchard, and today I was their greeter. In order to best lay out the scenario I want to share with you,  I’ll start by sharing with you where I stand on current events. 

First up is Covid-19 and masks and this is what I think: wearing masks can sometimes be helpful. In certain situations, with a more empowered perspective on illness, a mask can aid in the protection of others, but to the degree we are being asked to wear them is absurd. Especially when you are standing solitary in a field, where the vibration of nature and health are beaming through you. Back when the masks became mandatory, I ran into a man at the local co-op. He was about eighty-five, with dirt under his nails. He had a rigid yet sturdy body, something he had acquired from working the land all his life as a farmer. He hopped out of his truck and put his mask on, eyes full of joy, then looked at me and said, “the world has gone insane!” That was months ago and I completely agreed. Yet, I also knew that whenever I judged something, I’d probably end up being put into the exact situation that I judged through the principles of universal law. In alignment with these energetic principles, my resistance brings me right there, which is  how I ended up in a field, with space galore, wearing a mask! A mask, by the way, that inhibits me from breathing in life, “but only by 15%-30%.” So when I say that I am an anti-masker, this is why. Not in a selfish way, (now that mask wearing has become the collective belief, I am happy to abide by it for the safety and wellness of others), but in a societal way, and in a way that questions the authority and agenda of the government I live under. Wearing a mask over a long period of time will change the psyche of the humans who are wearing them, and the direction of society's consciousness as a whole. What does restricted breathing do to the body, mind and soul? Let’s talk about that for a moment. 

The mask scenario has polarized our world. Some people see them as an affront to our personal freedom, while the others see those who refuse to wear them as selfish and elitist or even worse, as the murders of our most vulnerable. I see the mask scenario as a window into a deeper understanding of human nature. I am personally against the mask mandate, because I believe that we are being tricked into an esoteric ritual of consenting to a system to which we  don’t have the full details, and also because I am an energy healer and the wisdom of my soul pulses out that the human body is resilient and innately self healing. Yet I am also for freedom of choice, and so I fully support those who do choose to wear it, and I will kindly wear one so as to not ruffle feathers, and to show respect for those who believe in them, because we all deserve to feel safe.  

I also live my life with the foundational principle that all humans are doing the best that they can with what they know, and with the tools that they have. I believe that the vast majority of humans are good, and that we are polarized on this subject because we have been given different facts. We are walking around with different foundational principles about how the world works. It's a bit like having your right hand fight with your left hand; the right will always be the right, and the left will always be the left. Why have them fight if they are both part of the same human body? My tactic is usually to learn about differentiation with curiosity rather than have my left hand fight with my  right one. But, sometimes a metaphorical thumb war can be fun, because I know that we are on the same team at the end of the day. 

As I arrived for work day after day, I learned to let my resistance to wearing a mask dissipate, while still holding my beliefs within. The fact that I was wearing a mask is not really of relevance to the next topic of this  blog since witnessing soul, which is what inspired this blog post and what made my day at the orchard so emotionally moving, is beyond wearing a mask. Witnessing soul  is deeper and vaster as it embraces the beauty of our five senses (the faculties that register our change in experience). Witnessing soul remains an experience unaffected by the wearing or not wearing of masks.  

This leads me to the second piece of current events and where I stand on the BLM movement. I’ve been privy to esoteric information for most of the last eight years, and in the most recent year, I received some new data. The top structure of our world, also known as the one percent, is also spiritually aware, and they use magic and spellbinding all of the time. An example of this magic is Black Lives Matter. While the healing actions within the BLM container are amazing, necessary, and fully supported by me, I also think it’s important to understand the bigger picture, and this is what I believe it to be . . . 

The BLM movement is connected to the “black box program”, a name for the old matrix system of control that we are unknowingly saying yes to when we put a black box on our social media. It is a trick, a page out of an age old play book that presents one thing, while using the energy it creates for another. It is a strategic play by the false light matrix of the elite one percent that thrive on control, and require negative emotions in order to maintain that control. I believe that the catalyzing event was staged by the C..ab.al as most majorly broadcasted events are. I also believe that the biggest component of the human essence is innately heart-centered and loving, like how a baby looks out into the world, yet the system in power rarely reinforces this fact. Instead, the Cabal structure has taken a portion of our generational pain, and used it to create a divide. It's a bit like pinning a brother against a sister and using their unresolved trauma to create havoc. Don’t get me wrong, trauma is not something to push under the rug. It really happened, it is something to honor, it is valuable to learn from, and it is important to understand, love, and give light. What I am touching on is more about the fact that we aren’t being shown the true light at the end of the tunnel. The one that rightfully informs us that  living in peace and prosperity is our birthright. It is our birthright. All of us.  It is the pulse that rises up from most grassroots communities and human systems that are living in alignment with their own truth, love and peace. This is not the same system that has created the BLM movement. 

Yes, it was created with deviant intent, knowing that there would be enough collective trauma to propel it.

What I am getting at is this: there are two separate responses within the BLM movement. One, an honest and courageous outrage from those affected by systematic racism, abuse, neglect, control, belittling, gaslighting, poverty and undeniable inequality, which has been met by the grass roots with a container for healing, learning, truth, evolution and human goodness. The other, a destructive intent from the top down to use that outrage to cause havoc, chaos, death, riots, divide, more trauma, and hate.

It’s the dividing system that we’ve lived in for decades (or more) and one that has served humanities growth, because at the same time that we have been deceived, we have also been entertained and taken care of. The problem now is that as a collective, we are no longer children. We are ready to grow into adults and we need a world system that supports this truth. 

We are ready. For this reason, and even though I am  shocked by the strong force within me that is so propelled to say it aloud, I am a Trump supporter. And not for the reasons you may think. I am a Trump supporter because at this point in time every cell in my body is attuned to the fact that he is effectively tearing down the existing structure. My multi-dimensional intel leads me to believe that he is working for goodness, and is proceeding to make grounded strides towards the new golden age with every day that passes.

The old paradigm mainstream media tears him apart because he is their enemy. Yet he is not humanity's enemy. He is actually our ally. I was watching one of his rallies the other night and a reporter  from The Right Side Broadcasting Network referenced Phyllis Schlafly, a well known movement conservative and early supporter of Trump who reasoned this, “He might not know everything about the various issues that we are going to be urging him to support, but you know what?  That's not the main question. The main question is who is he listening to? And because he listens to the grass roots rather than to the establishment, we can teach him on the issues that he needs to learn because we know he’s with us.” That for Phyllis was the deciding factor, and I think it is the deciding factor for many Americans too. There were 30,000 people at that rally. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JawE-SNIkdM)

I believe that there is a changing of the guard that is happening behind the curtain, and the hatred we see from the status quo and from the establishment is because this is true. “ In the last days good will be called evil, and evil will be called good.” This is paraphrased from the Bible, Isaiah 5:20 and it hits the nail on the head of what we are witnessing directly. I have done my due diligence in researching enough facts that oppose the narrative which is given to us by the mainstream media. I am not saying that Trump is our saviour, that is not how free will and personal empowerment work. When you fall into the path of self empowerment, you know that the saviour comes from within. What I am saying is that I believe that the Trump Administration are representatives of the changing of the guards, and those guards are ones that represent our evolution into the new paradigm. Trump even said it himself at his recent address at the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, “We will distribute a vaccine, we will defeat the virus, we will end the pandemic, and we will enter a new era of unprecedented prosperity, cooperation and peace . . . there is no blood in the sand, those days are hopefully over . . . America is fulfilling our destiny as peacemakers, but it is peace through strength . . . only when you take care of your own citizens will you find a true basis for cooperation . . . I am proudly putting America first, just as you should be putting your countries first. That’s OK, that’s what you should be doing.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWFQ0sHnutk) It’s worth watching the whole thing (it’s only seven minutes), because another thing the Trump Administration has done, is followed through on many of their promises.

The part that hit my heart is the importance of putting yourself first, and allowing other countries to put themselves first. Any person in service to their soul and their goodness knows that it is important to learn to love yourself more than anyone else. It is the principle of learning to fill your own cup first so that it can overflow to others. It is ok, in fact it is necessary to put yourself first. Not in a better than way, but in a way that allows you to break through the collective self abandonment, and to remember and value your own beautiful uniqueness. Just like nature inherently blossoms forth with love for itself, like how a flower blooms, or an apple grows, we are meant to be totally and completely self loving, so that we can do the same naturally and easefully outwards towards others.  

Long before his presidency, Trump was asked by Oprah, David Letterman, and Larry King if he would ever run for president. They asked him with deep intrigue. I have watched the segments. It’s only when he actually became president that the MSM did a total 180 and began to create content full of hatred. In keeping with the BLM theme I also believe that Trump is not a racist, and that it’s not ok for the media to gaslight and perpetuate the lie that he is. Because there is much evidence on the contrary.  To back this statement, my research comes  from a segment done by Edge of Wonder, a small broadcasting and media production company, and the segment is called Trump Debunked: MSM Trumps Up Controversy Part One. (This can be found at edgeofwonder.tv with the purchase of a subscription.)

Their first piece of evidence is an article in The American Spectator from November 13th, 2015 called When Trump Fought the Racists, which explains how Trump fought racism in South Florida after he bought the Mar-a-Lago resort in 1985. At the time other clubs in the area still barred Black and Jewsish people from having ownerships, and Trump was the forerunner who fought this. He advertised his club as open to anyone who could qualify regardless of race and religion. The story goes that the town council actually imposed zoning restrictions to stop Trump from moving forward with this, in order to keep the Old South social order. He went head to head with the town council, including sending the council the movie Guess who’s Coming to Dinner, a film about upper class racism, as part of his tactic. That didn’t work, so instead he filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit which seemed to do the trick. Because of his leading example, other clubs in the area then followed suit, also allowing Black and Jews into their clubs. (https://spectator.org/64643_when-trump-fought-racists/)

The second piece is an interview with Judge Joe Brown, where he said, “Trump in the 90’s dated a black woman and brought her down red carpets. She herself said that he was not racist, but that he didn’t like many people, black or white. He appreciated people who did stuff in their lane, well not stay in their lane, but where they choose to be, and if they did it well, he admired them, black, white, brown, red, yellow. Most people don’t know that he was the finance man behind Jesse Jackson’s two runs for president.” (Jesse Jackson is an American civil rights activist, Baptist Minister, politician, and candidate for the democratic presidential nominationnoting Trump's loyalty towards the person rather than the party, a character trait that is well witnessed still today.)

This next content comes directly from the White House. In July 2019,  President Trump met with about 15-20 Survivors of Religious Persecution from around the globe, and allowed each of them to publicly say a few words. It was so real and allowed me to learn so much about the world we live in. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDRWo00F66k) More recently, on September 17th, they did a broadcast on the return of sacred Native American remains back to American soil from Finlandsomething that these Native American people were desiring for the last 120 years. It is an important and culturally significant reclamation to 26 Indian tribes in the American South West. Trump noted that his administration is working with tribal leaders to ensure that their heritage is honored, respected and preserved as it should be, increasing access to eagle feathers, and investing 8 billion dollars though the CARES Act Fund for Covid-19 relief, the largest amount of money ever spent on Indian reservations in the history of the USA. He also noted that his administration has created task forces on missing Native American women and the protection of children. They are making tremendous progress and that they will continue to work hard. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWtkQjTwxYY)  

Many facts and statements from and about Trump, when presented without bias and without cutting off the second half of the statement, which is what the MSM like to do, lead me to believe that as a person and as the leader of an administration, Trump demonstrates respect for diversity within our global family while the media spins his attack on character as racism. And this is only one issue clarified; the wall and human trafficking are also at the top of my list. I could go down the Trump rabbit hole for hours, and maybe I will do so in another blog, but for now I want to leave you where we started, with some lightness, good hearted human love, and the deeper part of the human essence that I feel needs to be given a bigger voice.

The view from the orchard on a bright summers day.

As I greeted visitors at the apple orchard on this warm and crisp day, what I learned while welcoming all souls was that apples are a unifying agent for goodness. What I most loved watching was the diversity of people and families that came to visit. Families meaning moms, dads, and childrenthat's what was most typical. But also meaning, grandmas and grandchildren, grandmas and grandpas, daughters and dogs, friend groups, care workers (trying in earnest to keep the masks on those they were caretaking!), and a retirement home who came in on a bus. Apples are a unifying agent, and this is only one way to categorize human diversity. Another is by nationality, because though we may all be Canadian, we are also rich in world cultures. Just like the different colors of flowers in a meadow, the ever changing shift in the weather, or the location of the sun. Nothing on earth is stagnant, and nothing on earth is exactly the same as the other, or exactly the same as it was before, and that is a part of its innate beauty. I met Chinese, Mexican, Bangladeshis, Iranian, Korean, First Nations, British, African, and South African families, who smiled when I kindly declared them also Canadian, after learning when they moved here.  

Apples are a unifying agent because I have never seen so much diversity feeling so much the same.

Underneath all of that beautiful differentiation, I know it's because we are all the same, we are all a part of the same whole, we all call mother earth our home and  we all come from love. That is why whenever I asked a family what language they were speaking, or asked them where they came from originally . . . ‘just because I was a curious person,’ they would usually perk up a little and drop into conversation. When we honor diversity in the same way that we honor that we are all the same, people usually soften, and become more present. That’s what soul is, it’s the spark that comes from honoring your uniqueness, and valuing your heritage, with the same weight we use to honour that we all come from the same place in the end. The more we can expand the container of what that is, the more we can honour all the other things that come up too, because the truth is that deep pain is a part of being human at this point in time. We are seeing it rise for healing through BLM, but as  souls in bodies, we all have this deep pain, because we have all felt it in one lifetime or another, or through one form of differentiation or another. Lifetime over lifetime we have all been in that boat more than once. The beauty is that the human heart is powerful enough to overcome it, hold space for it, and expand through it. We are doing that right nowthe light will always absolve the shadow.

During my day at the orchard in a swirl of life being lived, I watched ten senior ladies fold up their walkers with the help of their care workers, and walk onto a wagon to take a ride back to the trees. But not before taking a group photo, silver tufts sparkling in the sun. The wagon rolled its wheels down the path until they were no longer visible to me. Instantly, my vision was then consumed by  tiny feet dangling from her mother's carrier propped up against her chest. Another little one held the mother's hand and squealed with joy at the thought of picking apples. “How old is your baby?” I ask. “Eight days old,” she replied. Not ten minutes after my heart had shed a tear or two from the sight of my silver haired entourage bantering in the fall breeze, I now had goosebumps all up my arms as those dangling feet strolled off with their mother. 

Tonight, in the cabin as the crickets chirp and the wind blows, I am reflecting. Even though I am currently paid minimum wage, have almost no material possessions to my name, and am starting my life over yet again, I feel privileged (meaning fortunate in this case). I feel privileged to feel the breeze touch  the small part of my cheek (the part that is not covered by a mask), to see the way I see, and to feel the way I feel. I am privileged to have a family that loves me. I feel privileged to be human, and to know inside that being one is a gift to everyone's soul, meant to be enjoyed in connectedness and love. I am privileged with the ability to love, evolve, self reflect, and to change course when necessary. I am privileged to be learning the value of sharing my voice with all of you, my brothers and sisters, in this exciting time of awakening, evolution, and journey to a more heavenly earth. 

The outside is unique.

The deep center is the same.

And we are learning to honour all that is in between.