Thoughts On The Heart

Just another afternoon hanging out in the sunshines rainbow light :)

For those of us who are members of the human race, the heart is the centre of it all. It is the power that keeps us alive, our intuitive compass, the conduit for meaningful relationships, and the place of inner knowing that gives our lives purpose. It is also the portal to our soul and to our personal connection with God.

The heart is a powerhouse. It beats 100,000 times a day and sends 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels in order to keep us nourished and alive. It has a 24/7, lifelong purpose pumping energy and nourishment into the body and then to pump out again what longer serve us. And thats just its physical nature.

It's spiritual nature is just and magnificent. Inside the portal of our heart, there is a still point, it's the zero point in our energetics, and the part of our subtle anatomy that connects us to God. The heart as the intersection of a cross where the horizontal and vertical axis of who we are meet. It is the place within us that connects our vertical alignment to God and the earth (up and down), with our horizontal alignment (left to right) and the outward expression of things that we do. Our hearts are the intersection between the flow of life and how we share that life with others on the earth around us.

It is curious no? That so much of us live life in our minds, choosing reason over emotion and inner knowing, when in actuality it is our hearts who are in charge of it all.

The Heart Math Institute has proven that the electromagnetic field of the heart is 60 times greater in amplitude and 100 times stronger that that of our minds. Yet for most of us this information is unknown. Maybe it's all about understanding the proportions of our own subtle architecture. So many of us are missing out on the power, magic, and well spring of opportunity that the heart offers and to get there, all we need do is breath deeper. It's about allowing our minds to become the servant of our hearts. I mean, if the heart is that much stronger, and is always on our side, doesn’t it seem like the smart thing to do?

To live life to the fullest and with ease, we must continue with the flow of life by honouring the inhale and the exhale of the breath: giving in order to receive and vice versa. For example, every time we talk to a loved one, read a book, walk down a beautiful street, or eat a good meal, we are inputting energy. In turn we might support a friend, share the knowledge we’ve learned, help out a struggling business, or head to the bathroom after a big meal. This is life’s external expression of the hearts internal input/output system.

Yet, how many of us truly do this in a fluid and pure way? If we hold in secrets, refrain from telling others how we are really feeling, and deny and push down our passions and gifts in order to cope with the world around us, we begin to compromise our hearts natural rhythm. So, what's the solution? Well, we learn to let it out, and the best part, is that our heart wants to do this naturally! So that is what I hope for you, the reader, who was drawn to thoughts on the heart. I hope this post has reminded you of the beauty that dwells within and that you find the courage to start letting it out. When you do, you're bringing fourth the beauty of who you truly are in the eyes of God, a simple miracle in the eyes of life.

With love to each and every one of you,


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