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“You have the right to take care and protect yourself from being threatened physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.”

I'm including some of garden pics for your visual enjoyment. In tumultuous times having a space of refuge is key! The garden is mine.

Being human—it’s an intense ride that I’m learning first hand. Sometimes I feel as though I’m a master in the world, privy to all its meanings. Then the next day comes, perhaps with a stumble or two, and I feel as though I know nothing.

The wisest humans amongst us give us this advise: to start with a beginners mind, and for good reason. It's the expansive state where we can let in new ideas and insights, and the state where we can notice new potentials. But we also live in the world of planet earth 2021; we can’t always be as open as four year olds because we have to do lists, deadlines, and fast paced schedules. It's why I think it's more about knowing that there's a time and place for everything, and that if we have the answers to our personal why’s in life, plus the Coles notes on human possibility—things can get easier.

Something universal to the human experience, is the arrival of fear when we decide to step out and do something that is beyond our comfort zone. When fear arrives, it means that we are courageously choosing to journey into our personal unknown.

I've been feeling this a lot lately.

We are also each unique, and so how that fear arrives and the story it’s holding in its arms when it does will be catered to our now moment. Indented just for us, and designed to hit the sweet spot. Er . . . excuse me, meant to hit our weak spot (Oh bother!), and sometimes we're in for an intense experience, at times not remembering when or where we bought the ticket.

Also something that I've been feeling a lot of lately.

Those dark night of the soul dives really do call on all of our strengths, and when I'm really in the thick of things, I find comfort in remembering that the essence of fear is the same for everyone. I remind myself that we're all human. And if you are anything like me (finding yourself gearing up for when the collective meltdown/rebirth turns up its dial—as many intuitives have been guided to learn), fear has, for the last year, well over stayed its welcome.

Wisdom from the soul level would say that it was I who let fear into my house in the first place, and that I did so because I had a blind spot. A part of me that I was unaware of and a part of me that I did not yet have sovereignty over. Wisdom would also say that fear has been my most valuable teacher. It offered me a deeper understanding into the dark side of human nature (my own, yes, and culturally as well), it meant getting to know my inner warrior, and it left me with this gem: I now understand in more fullness why it was I was so afraid of being seen. I root fear that I've held since before I can remember.

The thing with doing the work to expand our awareness, is that the more we grow in the light, the more we will eventually have to grow in the knowledge of the dark to stay balanced, like a tree. And given that the world is in a very fragile state, a lot of healers and mystics are being guided to share what is above the glass ceiling in our world systems. So that as 'shit continues to hit the fan' so to speak, that we'll be equipped with more knowledge: creating more ways to make empowered & healing choices as the world moves through big transformations.

For those of you who haven’t been following my journey, here's a quick recap on what I’ve been talking about on my platform. It's not the light and bright stuff that's typically offered to spiritual beginners, so if you happen to be one (and not considering yourself a truther), I suggest that you read some of my earlier blogs first (and hopefully some of my later ones) as the topics below can be tough to digest.

  • That the mainstream matrix is a fear based vibrational reality, meaning that a major goal (although perhaps not the only goal) of those at the top of the world pyramid is to create a slow dose of fear and suffering in the collective because their needs and the needs of the non physical beings they are connected to are different than the needs of you and me.

  • Fear and suffering is cultivated on purpose for a hidden agenda that includes contracts with other humanoid races that live off of fear. (After much internal debate, I'm being vulnerable and sharing about aliens in my content . . . and in my intellectual defence, so have former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer and former Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed). From this level, the one of human/alien contracts, both the negative and positive polarities of life are envisioned and then created to maintain the desired vibrational status quo. In other words, world events are scripted (planed for decades even) to maintain a certain level of consciousness in the human race.

  • The matrix of monarchies and world governments does not align with the present moment universal plan of a God/spirit who fosters unconditional love, soul sovereignty and soul development (aka. holistic human development). In the words of Yogananda, the current world system is not of a god who is “ Softer than a flower where kindness is concerned, and stronger than the thunder where principles are at stake.” Instead the matrix we live is ruled by advanced spiritual entities who offer power, wealth, control, and fame to those who serve them.

To some of you who are reading this, I could now be considered a “conspiracy theorist” and the idea of being given that title also came with fear. It showed up as “what would my relatives and friend of the past think of me?” I’ve reflected on the moves I have been making quite a bit, and still, I feel the need to include what I’ve been learning as part of my message.

When I began to realize that the top of our systems are a lot more malicious than we give them credit for it came with fear. As truth bringers, or as any citizen of earth not consenting to the current narrative (while still respecting free will and the right of the individual to choose what is best for them with no judgement whatsoever), how do we protect ourselves? This is the question that led me to discover natural law and to study our universal rights as human beings living on planet earth. And as the title of this blog suggests, our first universal right is as follows:

You have the right to take care and protect yourself from being threatened physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Now to know this right is one thing, while successfully embodying its vibration is another, and doing this successfully is all about knowing that we have the divine right to choose our reality.

Also something that I've been learning lately.

These little flowers are going to dried and used as latte & pastry decorations.

The first step is to learn we have to right to share our authentic selves in a safe way (our voices, our emotions—in a self reflective way, our physical expressions, and our spiritual selves) and then we have to get comfortable doing it. The first step comes through our ability to feel our fullness internally in a way that feels safe. We have to first learn to create coherence within, so that we can manifest it without.

The second step is to learn to give the same safety and respect to those we meet in our day to day. It is to learn to respect the voice, emotions, spiritual nature and physical expression of others, and the clincher? We learn to respect them even if they infringe on our personal safety.

We can learn learn to treat those who do not align with our ideals with a sense of compassion, curiosity and understanding. The tricky part is grasping that we also have the ability to offer these qualities to others even if that other person is infringing on our personal boundaries, and the rights we have to live out our own ideals. We can hold compassion in our hearts while simultaneously taking sacred action to protect our own sacred space. In the words of my friend Molly, we can stand in the light of Peaceful Active Rebellion. Whether it's guilt, shame, fear, or anger that we feel when someone in threatening our wellbeing, the most important thing is to learn to meet their offering with love.

Karmic balance in the 20’s means learning how to juggle many plates with heart, while knowing that extreme polarization will often be offered as the main course. As a creator being in your own right, it’s all about creating a space of safety though strong vibrational boundaries while also resting in the power of Gods unconditional love.

Sending love,


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