The Fall Season is Upon Us, and I'm Back in Blog Land

Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees, but a flower in bloom always brings us back to the heart of love.

As some of you may know, because I have been talking about it for quite some time, I’ve just written a book which is in the final stages of being edited (yay!). My gears have been turning consistently for the past couple of weeks wondering how I am going to market myself, what my platform is, and how best to share my vision.

I didn't expect writing to be a part of my career, yet here I am at the beginning of a new chapter. You know those moments when someone tells you something and it lands in just the right way? As thought it's opened a pathway to something already existing deep within your heart. Well I do, and a specific moment comes to mind now.

Many years ago, when I spontainiously opened up to the experience of living in alignment with my soul, I learned that I was carrying a whole bunch of pain, a whole suitccase of baggage. Thankfully I was also ready to learn new skills, and as I did I worked diligently to reduce that pain on the spiritual and emotional levels that existed within me. I met many sweet and beloved souls on this journey and one of these people was a hypnotherapist who specialized in past life regression. When I walked in for my appointment, she looked down at her paperwork, read aloud my name, looked up at me and said, "well isn’t that a great name for an author." What a random thing to say I thought, but here we are seven years later.

What I explored with her in my session was quite profound, she brought me back to a past life memory of being burned at the stake (which sounds daunting), but is a typical experience for those who resonate with the healing arts to have to integrate and remember. After I relived and completed that memory (in a regulated state), which is what brings healing, she paused for a moment, looked at her watch, and understood that we still had fifteen minutes left on the clock. Then she glanced up to the left, as if engaged in some psychic conversation with a being hovering near to her head. She gave a quick nod and said, “ok they are advising you to connect with your inner child," and for the next fifteen minutes that's what we did.

I laid back in the chair and she guided me into a space where I met little Marnie for the first time. When I found her in my heart, I felt sadness, as there she was huddled in the corner totally afraid. Tears welled from my eyes, how could I have not noticed this before? She took me through a gentle process of connection, letting little Marnie be the one in charge and as breath and stillness took precedence, all I did was say I was sorry and give her a meaningful hug. Now, seven years later I am still getting to the bottom of that mystery—why was little me so utterly traumatized? And, as my new book revolves around trauma, how it’s created and what we can do about it to heal and become more whole, the layers are still unfolding. It's still a central them in my learning.

Some of you reading this may have known me as a child, some from high school, some from university, some from spiritual circles, and some from my many adventures abroad. For some, you are meeting me for the first time, and in this moment I have become Marnie the truth seeker, Marnie a soul on assignment, and Marnie the sensitive heart that wishes that everyone may have the opportunity to learn goodness and joy towards themselves. Because, that is what I feel most of the time and I know from almost a decade of work in this department, that to get there it takes effort.

We are at an extremely interesting time in our human history, polarity is more apparent than ever before and I’m going to jump in and give my two cents.

And as I do, I intend to transform my small radius of battleground into a safe container to share opinions, learn from each other's differences, safely explore alternative ideas, and support the concept that we are all equally valuable, and unique. To be able to listen in, share your two cents, ask questions or comment (which are greatly appreciated), there is only one prerequisite, and that's to treat other people the way you yourself would like to be treated. In this space I want to promote unity within differentiation.

Something fascinating about putting enlightenment principles into writing is that universal knowledge transfers into two dimensions. A process which takes something that is instantly inner knowing, and thins it out into lines, and lines . . . and lines, and more lines of data and digestible content. It content that runs through uniquely through each of us, can go on for infinity, be shared in multiple ways, and through multiple vantage points. This 'writing assignment’ I've taken on makes me laugh, because not only have I decided to be human in this life, which is already a denser (more material) experience than life in the higher dimensions, I have also decided to take the 3D matrix we live in and hone a craft in 2D, making the most of my opportunity!

Who I am in this blog is a voice that believes that there is one universal god who goes by many different names, spirits (good and bad) that can attach onto and play a role in our human experience, many different ascended masters across the borders of many religions, fairies, that this earth has a soul of grace, abundance, and unconditional love, and that based on how we vibrate, we can experience our lives a both a living heaven or a living hell. I also believe in aliens races, and that balance in the world of polarity is the best way to stay healthy and whole.

This blog took a one-year hiatus, and the world is completely different than the one it started in. But I am back, and offering full disclosure on as much as I know, and in the kindness way I possibly can, even though some of the content may be bitter medicine for those who are seeking it. I feel quite vulnerable to come out of the closet so to speak, yet I know this is my medicine too, and with one foot in front of the other, here we go.

Warm thoughts to you my friends.

Let breath be your medicine.

Your voice matters too.

With love,


* A regulated state means that we are in our parasympathetic nervous system rather than our sympathetic nervous system. When re-living traumatic moments, this is a big factor in our ability to heal. Our rest and digest nervous system response (aka. parasympathetic nervous system response) allows us to bring the energetic of that traumatic moment into our heart which promotes lesson learning, acceptance, transformation and integration.

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