Rooting into the Dark to Live More Strongly In the Light

Wow! I was intending to get to this blog earlier, but family visits, gardening, cooking, cleaning, and all the other things worth doing, joyfully, got in the way. It goes without saying that underneath all my starseed topics of interest, I really am a typical country girl! Alas it’s the night before Sunday and all through the house, not one blog was written, so now . . . an hour before midnight, I must dare to be as nimble as a mouse.

A recent snap of the garden life. This one's a great spangled fritillary butterfly!

This week I was also able to film a youtube video, which expands into the back story of why I believe what I believe, and which shares with people why I’m so opposed to the va..x..in..e agenda (a stance which for me comes second to my reverence for your freedom to choose). Topics will include teachings on the forgotten power of our human DNA and how to reactivate that power by attuning our consciousness to the guideposts of the Christic grid (energetically speaking). This has everything to do with the vibrational science behind human enlightenment, and then the personal trials and tribulations (and also the loving breakthroughs) that come from walking the path as a conscious being.

The path so to speak, is found by those souls who are nobly & humbly desiring a life experience that is more whole, compassionate, discerning, and respectful of life's innate goodness, and who are also willing to put in the effort to get themselves there. I (and many other starseeds like me) call this the organic timeline, and with it comes the re-emergence of our sacred mother.

What we do, is look to the innate biology and the living rhythms of the earth to inform the elemental nature of who we are. We start to see ourselves as belong with mother nature and in doing so the relationship activates our dorment and innate birthright to thrive in the natural world.

For example, I was astounded as a new gardener to discover that one flower plant could produce hundreds, if not thousands of seeds in a season as to guarantee its success in the years to come, (and especially so, if humans step into their role as conscious stewards). When we are grounded and connected to her life-force, the earth offers us an upwards current of kundalini energy, and with it an entirely new way (or an old and ancient way) of being human.

In this lineage of spiritual embodiment, it’s torch-bearers are aware that it’s not the return of a single Christ to planet earth, but instead that it’s the resurfacing of the Christic architecture—an aspect of human expression this is within our birthright to rekindle. The earth (or Gaia as many like to call her) is raising her frequency and as she does these Christic vibrations are destined to resurface. Our job then, as evolving humans, is to re-anchor those vibrations into our hearts through dedication and inner work.

In future decades, I feel that more and more people will be called to do inner spiritual development, and with that certain principles, upgrades, and changes to our collective vantage point will be made. I would even go as far as to include a benevolently polarized connection with our cosmic brothers and sisters, or in other words—we’ll finally acknowledge that aliens are real!

I used to feel extremely insecure when it came to talking about aliens in the public. “Do I really have to talk about that,” was the voice of the resistance in my mind. But when something is in alignment with your dharma, spirit will ask you to be brave anyways, and so I am walking through it—the resistance that is.

It’s getting much easier to do too, and there was a turning point. It happened while drinking my morning coffee and scrolling, one bright and sunny day when I came across this: No Wonder the Galactic Federation Spurns Us — Canada Can't Manage the One We Have on Earth said Don Pittis of CBC. The article considered how Canada could improve their approval rating with the hypothetical Galactic Federation, and although he dismisses any clout, Pittis still gives reference to a former Israeli head of space security revealing the existence of a Galactic Federation (a federation commonly known of in starseed discourse too), and that it was backed up by an earlier reveal from a former Canadian Defence Minister who also spoke on the existence of aliens. If some of the most qualified people in the government are talking about these subjects in the public realm I thought, well that’s a good enough green light for me!

If the earths energy unlocks our innate feminine wisdom with an upwards spiraling current into our central channels, it’s the cosmos that offers the masculine component through a downwards spiral that we receive through our crown chakra. When this energy is channeled into our subtle bodies it then unlocks codes of cosmic wisdom and with it our expanded personal responsibility as sovereign co-creators who are here to embrace a role of stewardship on the earth.

For light workers and starseeds, 2020 brought with it 20/20 vision and many of us were initiated you into a visible awareness of the dark arts in our governments, in exopolitics, and in the secret societies that have been repressing and steering human consciousness (with our consent), for centuries. We are becoming like the wise old tree who’s branches have grown expansively into the light, becasue it has equally been able to root down and embrace the darkness within its soil.

As earthlings on the spiritual path, we’ll be called to learn about both polarities becasue it's the reality that we live in.

* * *

In the past two weeks I’ve been learning how to flow with natures ever changing landscape in the garden; harvesting vegetables, drying herbs, researching tinctures, and exploring new meals with my farm to table produce. In a separate space I’ve also been prepping my office to take on new energy healing clients. It been slow and steady wins the race in this new Ontario chapter, and I’m finally feeling my energy and drive sinking into my new surrounding and into a rhythm with the cycles.

One of the biggest themes of the last month was learning to feel safe as a light warrior, and what helped me the most was learning our universal human rights, and that they are protected by God’s Natural Laws. Technically speaking these can only be taken away when we consent to it and that includes compliance, non-objection and sometimes even trickery. It’s probably why so many of us are being called into warriorship at this time.

Your Universal Human Rights

  • You have the right to take care and protect yourself from being threatened physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

  • You have the right to set your own priorities and choose the manner you express to live on earth, as long as it does not intentionally harm others.

  • You have the right to express feelings, opinions and desires.

  • You have the right to be treated respectfully.

  • You have the right to create your own happy, healthy life based in spiritual purpose.

  • You have the right to be GSF (God Sovereign Free) and be given the power to be in charge of directing your energies and life.

  • You have the right to choose intent, consent and authority with the kind of forces you choose.

I’ve taken these from the work of Lisa Renee (ascensionglossary.com).

Another helpful tip is to declare (when working with nonphysical being and/or physical beings with their non-physical aspects) that you will only work with beings who are in service to others and to the Law of One, who recognize the inner light of Christos within humanity, and who’s intention is for the most benevolent outcome for all beings . . . and practice being firm with your intent.

Much love to you on this beautiful summer evening,

The fireflies have been in full force,


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