Rhodochrosite and Calendula: An Ancient Tonic for Healing the Heart

Rhodochrosite (crystal): softens the heart and supports it to feel big waves of emotion without shutting down; it calls into the present moment situations that will question old beliefs and give you the room to ask transformational questions, even through the triggers.

Calendula (flower): clears the field, removes electromagnetic pollution, and uplifts the heart as lower densities release. This will feel gentle, easeful, and strong.

Last week, as I was wandering the coffee and tea aisle in my local grocery store and then next thing I knew my hands grazed upon calendula tea. I picked it up off the shelf knowing instantly that this was the tea for me. It was one of those moments that happen from time to time, when you just know that something has more to it than meets the eye. In the plant world, it’s the spirit of the plant knocking at your front door to say that he or she would like to assist you.

I spent a week drinking the tea before I decided to research the effects it had on our subtle energetics. I like to first spend time trusting my intuition without any preconceived notions and then later see if what I was experiencing matched up with what the rest of the worlds point of view. After I began drinking the tea, I realized that I also had a calendula tincture made by a woman in Co-Claire Ireland. I had an opportunity to attend one of her workshops in the summer of 2018 and she had a huge impact on me. So, I added 3 drops into into each tea.

She writes that calendula, “Marigold or Mary’s Gold is an essence that honours Mother Mary. It is a powerful, creative force that brings brightness and joy to our hearts, carrying the healing rays of orange and green, which are purifying and uplifting. The essence cleanses and protects against pollution and radiation. It clears electromagnetic pollution, cleanses the chakras, and attunes us to spiritual guidance, amplifying spiritual energies.”

When I began to read up on marigold Saturday morning I burst into laughter . . . clears electromagnetic pollution! The previous Friday night, a Telus employee had knocked on my door. He was offering a fibre-optics upgrade to all the Telus clients and after a quick discussion, I had ethernet cords installed free of charge to eliminate the wifi in my home, clearing as much electromagnetic pollution as possible. To make it even better, I'm now paying $40 less than my previous bill and all I had to do was open the front door when I heard the knock.

And this my friends is the power of plants. They have the ability to alter the energies in our bodies and auric field, which in turn changes our reality. Remember that subtle energy holds coded programs, and when we make change from a cellular level—our reality changes. It's important to know how to work with plants too; it's not just a matter of ingesting them. We have to acknowledge the subtle, and focus our intent on entering into a relationship with the plant similar in a similar way that you would befriend an innocent child. For magic to unfold, we must enter this new relationship with loving curiosity and gratitude.

So, the next time you drink a tea, remember that it was once a growing flower or leaf and that that plant also has a spirit. When you drink, practice relaxing, open your heart, feel a connection to the plants spirit, and trust your intuition.

Calendula in my life is working its healing magic in easeful and tangible ways. On top of that, my medicine allies soon became a team of two.

A couple of day’s after I purchased the tea, I was out with a former boss to plan a

workshop. It was a beautiful crisp and sunny fall day. We checked out the event venue, strolled, had a hot beverage and popped into a crystal store. We moseyed and browsed and there at the back of the store was a rhodochrosite crystal amulet, and it was on sale. I felt it again—the weight of the crystals offering. This stone was also meant to be my medicine, and so I bought the necklace.

Why do crystals heal? Crystals are the material architecture of condensed cosmic light codes and they write the geometric alphabet of light physically into matter. Magical right? The vibration of each crystal carries certain qualities that can assist us and align our lives. With inward focus and practice we can learn to completely relax our body on a cellular level and when the body and mind are relaxed, our DNA expands. When our DNA expands we have the ability to assimilate and work with the light of these crystals to integrate a healthier, more aligned energetic into the body. The denser material of the crystals hold resonance more strongly than our human bodies, which are mostly made of water. So when we place a crystal close to the body, the body entrains to the more aligned vibration of the crystal. All we have to do practice being relaxed and receptive, and train our minds to hold a focused intend for a certain amount of time.

Then, in real time, life makes the necessary changes that the crystal or plant is calling us to make—which can be easy or difficult, depending on the nature of the moment. As for meeting our crystal helpers, the same thing goes as with the plants. Say hello to this beautiful being that has desired to be in your life, and treat it with the same amount of love, awe and reverence you would a small child. Say hello and be playful while you get to know each other before you ask it to help you. Hold it in your hands, sense into it with love and let your intuition guide you!

The following information on Rhodochrosite is gathered from The Crystal Wisdom

Healing Oracle by Judy Hall, and Crystals for Energy Healing by Ashely Leavy.

Rhodochrosite is known as the healer of hearts. It teaches the heart to assimilate powerful feelings without shutting down. It resolves denial, identifies ongoing detrimental patterns, releases resentment, and offers compassionate love and forgiveness. It allows the user to face the truth with loving awareness.

It signifies that its time for a change of viewpoint. You will begin to see the gifts of your experience rather than seeing the negative effects. It may be helpful to check out if what you learned as a child is still relevant to the person you are today. It supports the clearing of karma and negativity from your ancestral line on the level of DNA. It restores the soft tissues of the body after illness or injury.

Much love to you all,


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