Intuitive Truth and Tapping Into Humanities Collective Shadow

In this post I'm shedding light on some of my experiences over the last two years as they pertain to humanities collective shadow. Expect a common thread between dissimilar topics, subject matter not discussed by the mainstream media, and the dark archetypes of our mainstream culture.

***Disclaimer:  this blog discuses the topics of pedophilia, and rape culture in a conceptual way. If you are currently working through these topics in your own personal healing journey I do not recommend reading this post.   

Many light workers at this time are aware that a mass cleansing is happening on our planet, energetically and eventually physically. Things which have carried on in the dark no longer have a barrier in which to hide behind. As the frog spirit is the totem of transformation, cleansing, and rebirth, I thought this photo fitting for todays subject matter. As above so below is also well portrayed.


Marnie, my name, means ‘from the ocean' and the day and time that I was born makes me a double water sign; scorpio sun with a pisces rising. Highly intuitive and very galactic. The galactic part is not necessarily connected to the mentioned astrological signs. It just means that I’m here for the new age. It’s connected to my starseed roots.

If you’re wondering what a starseed is, it might be more fun for you to look it up yourself. Rather than have me explain it to you (about different types of soul incarnations), see what avenues you discover on your own! It’s a poor day that you don’t learn something new, and if you recognize the term, perhaps it’s because you are also a starseed (in that case, hello sister, hello brother!), have a child which is one, or are just open minded. 

This year, I’ve been posting on my facebook supporting President Trump.  I never expected or planned to be  posting publicly in this way. I was such a shy little kid growing up, and very uncertain about who I was. A career goal of public voice was not in my vision in any way, shape, or form. I  had the cringe-worthy name of ‘tomato face’ in elementary school because of how much I blushed in class. Due to my soul heritage, I carried a high level of anxiety when speaking out. 

I also grew up in a family that still had a lot of trauma in it’s lineage and so some of the character traits that I developed as a child, I have learned, were not really who I was. They were simply a response to relational trauma and without any blame, and with much reverence for the lessons those roles have taught me, I've experienced a shift through many of those character traits towards a more empowered and individuated version of who I am. I graduated from one way of living to another, and became interested in understanding the teachings of what it means to be human within more dimensions of reality. I took the journey of soul embodiment, (perhaps with a little more focus on understanding the dark side). 

Some of you may be on this journey too, in one way or another, digesting all the new learning that comes with it. This reality holds a higher level of personal ownership, which means it’s more transformable. It is the  transition towards life as a mirrored reality to who you are on the inside; the journey into life as soul school. I am now surprisingly much more outspoken.

Supporting someone as controversial as Donald Trump, who much of the world hates with a passion, is an interesting place to be standing. It’s like I am asking to be ridiculed, or  be considered racist, aggressive, or elitist. I personally feel I don’t deserve any of those titles. My heart is soft and contemplative. I love spending time alone in my family's small cabin in nature—an image which is far away from the traditional definition of a republican. Besides it's not so much about republicans and democrats anymore, for those who have worked though the mainstream false light matrix, it becomes about principles of good and bad.

I also learned recently that the warrior essence (aka. the boundary creator’s) most noble position (since we have already introduced inalienable rights into our Constitutions and Charters) is to defend the rights we have as individuals, and to defend those who are not yet able to defend themselves. Whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, all affronts to these aspects of who we are, are worthy of protection. The ability to protect ourselves is also sacred. However, the noble act of the warrior becomes less so, when it begins to push outside of its own sacred space.

What happens then, is what we see in humanity so strongly at this time. It is the dynamic between the victim and aggressor. Instead of two master ninja’s battling on well defined sacred ground, both in full recognition of where and when the ring match ends (allowing them to safely go home to dinner with their families), we have become like this: a stuck spacebar on the keyboard, running forward across the white page totally unaware that we are stuck in action. The screen, the part which we can see, is only the surface and so like the space bar, who now needs the attention of a technician, we also need to learn how to reprogram our mechanics in a deeper way. Most of us are still stuck in the movement, but our capacity to become the technician we need is changing greatly. The world is waking up!

For the victim, unconsciously stuck in victimhood, and for the aggressor unconsciously stuck in being aggressive, there is a vital first step to resolution.  We must see that even though one is perceived as powerful, and the other is perceived as powerless, they are still both lead characters in the same play. At the level of the role—they are completely equal.

If this perspective is new to you, the first thing to do is to accept and realize that you are playing a role. This allows for the opening to see that it is within the capacity of our mystical and magical human nature to take the mask off, or to shake hands at the end of the game once the buzzer goes. It is a matter of becoming aware of, and working towards our birthright to be free from the inside out.

My love affair with America began in the early months of 2019, when I was introduced by my spirit guides to a man named Isaac Kappy. While researching the energetic principles behind Alzheimer's disease, I learned that there was some dark information being released into the collective consciousness from Hollywood. It has been hidden for a long time, and my intuition was tapping into its edges, still unaware to the full extent of it’s grip and agenda.  

For many years I've been training in the healing arts and I've experienced it with my feet about a foot off the ground and my head in the astral plane. Don't get me wrong, it’s been my joy and my purpose to live and breathe my learnings. Admittingly, I didn’t expect that grounding these learnings would push me  to learn so much about the diabolical nature of the system that humanity is currently living under.

In theory, I understand the concepts behind human enlightenment with mastery and as they relate to the many yogi’s to which I’ve been surrounded, these concepts have remained a battle of the inner realms. It's been the experience of opening toward the internal world of good and bad, and the desire by the soul, to master resting firmly in the centre. To be the witness within the many roles that we are assigned to play. I had not yet considered the mechanics behind why we have war, poverty, addiction and so much trauma at present in our human collective, but as I advanced in my training that was all about to change. 

Issac Kappy, a C list actor, insider, and whistleblower, was unhinged and passionate about his message.  The tiny window that popped up on my youtube page with a live video from Issac, spread over me like a deep blanket of truth. It's the type of feeling that you might get when you're certain that your partner is cheating on you, when someone you love has relapsed, or when you know that someone has spoken behind your back. It's the very painful feeling of betrayal that your heart feels when someone you’ve been devoted to has largely violated the contract.

When Issac Kappy appeared on my computer screen, I was in the midst of writing about Alzheimer's disease and linking it to the act of forgetting on a soul level. It’s an act of forgetting how  beautiful, strong, divine, heritage filled, and revered we are to creation itself. “Alzheimers, the body's manifestation of forgetting the sacred,” was my thesis.

Imagine the confusion, disgust, and betrayal that I felt when I had to learn that Hollywood, the place on earth that produces our greatest idols, actually owns the following truth:  A large portion of Hollywood’s players are  secretly part of a religion, which thrives on a compound called adrenochrome,  a substance that is derived from the traumatized blood and pineal gland of children. It sounds like a line out of someone's worst nightmare, and as I share it with conviction, I know that some will feel I “sound crazy.” Yet before your mind decides where to place me, please let me put my experience into context for you. 

I did not consciously go and pick up a book on the dark side from the library, or become so disturbed by my humanity that I had to resonate with some horrific story in order to justify my feelings. No. I was living my life, enjoying my time, advancing in my studies,  feeling joy from the inside out when I stumbled upon, or was divinely guided towards this very dark and very detailed body of information. The misplaced emotion that I was feeling was not hatred or paranoia, it was deep seeded pain. The kind of pain that had me wailing for hours. It was not attached to my personal narrative or family story line—it was coming from elsewhere. It was just deep seeded pain expressing itself through my body.

Through my time training as a healer, I have learned to open up to this type of channeling. It was the pain of humanity as a whole that was created when we drastically separated from who we are and what we consciously know. The nature of ‘knowing’ is unifying however, so it's only in the darkness that pain can continue to stay alive. 

The following week, after my introduction to Issac Kappy, I presented my Alzheimers paper to my classroom of colleagues. At the end of the presentation I noted this: Although it seems very far away from the disease, somehow, the act of pedophilia, (a component of this religion which is practiced and enforced by many of the elite 1%), directly correlates to the environment that has caused us to manifest Alzheimers as a collective.

At the time, I didn’t have all the details, but the energetic file that I was intuitively reading was bringing me to this knowing. I was experiencing the information like the downstream flow of a river in springtime. I experienced it with some uneasiness as the speed increased, and the lifting up of my arms to the flow of something that was way beyond my control. I understood that if a portion of humanity practiced taking the innocence of others through rape, it assisted directly in the creation of our current paradigm. The principle (in action) of the dynamic that we see play out in society today. Remember, everything is connected.  Our unconscious and collective belief that some people are more powerful than others, that some people are more equipped to govern a population than others, and that some people can take whatever they want while others are a victim to it, is reinforced and maintained through the act of pedophilia. It is reinforced by the act of taking someone's sexuality (power), through innocence and without their consent, before they have even developed the capacity to consent. It’s a huge pillar in the creation and maintenance of a (our) society that gives its power away unconsciously. It is a culture.

The deterioration of the pineal gland, a hallmark  in Alzheimer's dis-ease, is another aspect that is connected to our culture. It is  the body's manifestation (a mirrored representation and balancing action) of an echelon culture of polarity inversion, that is able to stay alive through the assimilation of innocence. This innocence is taken both energetically though our thoughts and emotions, and literally, through the ingestion of adrenochrome. To understand this, there is a principle that may be new to some of you, but is important to grasp. It allows you to understand why these seemingly separate narratives connect: it’s that nothing on earth is separate from the other. There is a direct correlation between our actions as a collective, how we experience life, and how our bodies respond to those collective (and individual) choices.

It comes with the realization that we are literally this powerful and the claiming of this power is what brings our consciousness out of separation,  forgetfulness, and  ignorance. It is the power that comes with the progressive energy we invest in awakening to our soul, to another dimension of who we are. To know the truth of this reality from the inside out. To trust and honor that you are the most powerful person in your own life and that everyone else deserves to be theirs. As a collective, it’s time to learn a new way of seeing, being, and doing. 

Later on in the early months of 2020 when the coronavirus entered our lives, I felt this similar energy like a wave. It was a forcefield of manipulation, a plan being put into action, the power of someone or something forcing itself onto everyone and everything. It was the wave of the aggressor—humanity it’s unconscious victim.   

We are at the beginning of the new paradigm coming into creation here on earth and it means that the collective closet must be cleaned out. In my own timeline I felt the zero point clearly in the early months of 2020. Everything in my internal world came to a standstill. A slowing down and a suspension. Then I felt a complete polarity inversion. It was a  disorienting one that my psyche took months to recover from. Everything that was good became bad, and everything that was bad became good. I lost trust in the media, and overtime I have learned to see through the smokescreen.

I consider freewill to be sacred. We all have a birthright to share our voice, and to decide what we choose to believe. My voice is far reaching.  It embraces enlightenment, mainstream culture, races beyond just humanities, multi-dimensionality, and deep introspection. To some this may feel like a portal into a completely new world, and that can feel unsettling. To those people, know this; no one is forced through this transformation from the inside out, yet there is always an open door. I wholeheartedly believe with every fibre of my being that there is space for everyone to be where they are, feel on purpose, feel safe, seen, understood and respected. It doesn’t take all of humanity to believe in the same thing to achieve this. It just takes enough of us to see the other who is before us, and to find the circle in which we resonate. To do this we just need to know who we are and let the universe, god, or whatever higher power you choose to believe in take care of the rest. 

The perspective I share comes down to one foundational principle and it’s this: I believe in a humanity that is good. With zero hesitation, I know my soul is good and I know that much of humanity is ready to embrace goodness too. I believe in human goodness and in a  humanity that innately takes care of those who can’t yet support themselves. I believe wholeness is possible and that we can no longer sweep the pain we’ve created under the rug in order to achieve it. 

The universe loves you just as you are,

When we learn to love ourselves just as we are too,

Transformation becomes unbounded. 


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