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Home of the Soul, a Book Review

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while, and during that while there have been so many changes in my life and in the world. . . as I am sure you are all well aware - coronavirus, 5G, masks, quarantines, personal adjustments on all fronts to cope with and navigate through our changing world, and so much new information. . . and at times much opposing information. I personally felt the call to move home. This the last month I traveled across Canada in the company of my mom, and am now adjusting to my new environment and living with my parents for the first time since I was 18 (I’m now 31). So far it’s been better than expected on all fronts and I’m grateful to be able to have a safe place with loved ones close during this time on our history. I hope you are are all doing just as well.

This blog post is to drop a line to let you know about a new book I had the pleasure of reading called Home of the Soul by Kady Romagnuolo, a fellow author at GBR Publishing house, and her book is amazing! Just when you think you’re the only ‘weirdo’ somewhat afraid to step out of the closet, low and behold there is someone else just like you only a stones through away, and not only that, they are also writing a book at the same time as you are and with the very same publishers :). I certainly felt kinship as I read her words and that was a gift.

Kady brings you into her world of magic, personal growth, accepting her spiritual gifts, and most importantly and especially for our times, the importance or looking at our shadows . . . which might seem daunting at the beginning, but always leads to a place of higher and healthier resolution. There is so much more to who we are as humans and Kady shares that wisdom through the love affair she has with homes as a real estate agent and especially in this story—her home. She guides us through her personal experience of the reasons why we are drawn to certain places, spaces, and elements. It’s all for the purpose of resolving unfinished business . . . and what might be shocking to some, unfinished business that comes from a time before we were even born into the lives we live now.

Join her on this journey of self empowerment, self love and the sweet tale of how she found and claimed the home of her soul.

An uplifting, introspective, honest and heartfelt read. You can preorder her book at to find out for yourself and I highly recommend you do!

Much love and until next time,


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