Goddess Reclaimed

Wow! It’s been days since the Goddess Reclaimed retreat wrapped up and having a busy day Monday, I spent all of Tuesday resting, sleeping, and integrating what was shifted and moved. So so many new pieces of knowledge are coming into my awareness, while not much is letting go as of yet. I feel a greater call to stand up in the world and I'm most grateful for receiving a deeper understanding of who I am.

One day at a time, with compassion and courage we peel back the layers of that which is not our truest self.

Geeking out with the crew.

Getting to the retreat was interesting to say the least. I drove up with two other women and ended up on a service road that lead us into the depths of nature. Using the GPS as our guide, the road got rockier and rockier, and more and more remote. I was feeling quite comfortable with our off-roading badassery, that was until we reached a river where the bridge was out and found ourselves sitting in quiet contemplation as we decided what to do next. To drive through, or not to drive through, that was the question! Although tempting as it was, being only ten minutes away from our goal, getting stuck in a knee hight current was not something that we wanted to experience and so reluctantly we turned around and drove the three hours to our location—go figure!.

Retreats like this are so special because it draws in all of these amazing powerful witches, light-workers, goddesses, healers, shamans, priestesses and humans who are here to embody our changing humanity.

The night before leaving, I packed up my tool kit by collecting objects from around my room and from my altar. As it happened, I went into my own little ceremony, letting my hands pick up the pieces that were important, and it was only on the second night of the retreat, as I rearranged everything out in front of me again that I saw that the objects which I had taken had a theme. A selenite sphere from my mother, a crystal dome from my grandmother, small crystal tokens from female clients and friends, abalone from an old roommate, a bracelet from a six year old that I used to nanny, and a small quartz crystal from a firefly young soul, who lived above me in my previous home. Everything that I had before me was a gift from a female friend in my life, young and old, and gifted with love.

I was invited to the retreat as a support in a job I enjoyed, yet what surprised me was how insecure I felt about my position. Typically I feel like I am grounded in joy but at this retreat I felt frozen in fear about who I was. A piece of me was in immense fear about stepping more into the light by taking on a more central role, as a light worker and healer.

There was a part of me that was shut down, collapsed and fearful sitting in the corner of my psyche. I let her be there, and it was the most transformative part of my experience.

It was a powerful lesson to be with what was and to trust that a bigger part of me was taking care and leading me down the right road. I had to be able to put my faith in the bigger picture without any tangable knowing. I was learning how to trust that which cannot be seen, felt, or even known.

~ Our full crew ~

To ALL the women who came to the retreat, thank you for bringing your truth, speaking out, showing up, and teaching me with your presence. I have taken these last couple days to sit and integrate . . . you all AMAZE ME! You are so gifted, so powerful, so beautiful, so important, so inspiring, so strong, and so fragile. Thank you for your vulnerability and truth. Thank you for being you. It was a gift to walk amongst you this last weekend. 

In this moment Snatam Kaur says it best, “ You are becoming the song of your heart, how beautiful it is as the flower blossoms forth.” 

All my love,


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