Freedom Rally In Berlin: A Voice of the rEVOLution?

Throughout all of 2019 I had a strong feeling that 2020 was going to be insanely exciting. That was my premonition then, but I certainly did not expect what has transpired. 2020 has flown by and in a very peculiar way. My internal world slowed down while the outside world sped up. For many years I have believed that we are the creators of our own realities, so I knew that on some level, this meant that someone must also be creating the Co..rona..vir.us. I began to feel uneasy. In a moment of firmness, I asked my guides to know the truth and looking back now, I’m not sure I would have wanted to know the answers.

Once I asked, my world flipped upside down . . . or maybe it flipped right side up. Everything I trusted had a new hue of diabolical, while things I had previously learned to hate via the mainstream media, suddenly became well intentioned. It was a literal inversion of polarities; like when you find out it’s the bad place in the TV show The Good Place. It’s been a real and true integration process for some time now, and for those of you who resonate with this shift in perception, it may also be one for you.

We are at a true splitting of the worlds, a gateway between the ages. If you  don’t resonate with this version of reality, that's ok too. Consider it just another perspective on the truth. Contrary to how the mainstream media portrays thought, it actually is possible to live in a world where we understand that truths are relative, that many can exist before the absolute truth is reached, and that it is your soul who decides what vision you are magnetized to see.

This week I want to talk about a couple of different topics. First, the Freedom Rallies that took place throughout Germany on August 29th, second, the movie Contagion (2011), and  last, the importance of staying in your centre. The teaching goes that any time we are placed under pressure we evolve, we stand up, and we progress.

With a Freedom Rally whose numbers were said to be 1.5 million (by a speaker at the event) in 40 locations around Berlin (perhaps the most ever in history), I was excited to witness a force of change that was once on the fringe, becoming its own unique mainstream.

In Berlin, the anti-vac...cina...tion campaigner Robert F Kennedy Jr., son of once presidential hopeful Robert F Kennedy, and nephew of assassinated US President John F Kennedy, is the guest speaker I am talking about. I have followed Robert F Kennedy Jr. since the beginning of the pandemic and so I excitedly clicked in to see what was going on. I saw people as far as the eye could see in a youtube video filmed from the stage at the event. My heart fluttered, freedom, I thought, these people were breaking out of the cage that their government had placed them in. These people were waking up. They were walking through the fear, and the collective confusion, to come together and create a statement. They were in the midst of transformation and it made me proud. Robert’s speech started with this: 

“Back home in the United States the newspapers say that I came here to speak to 5,000 Nazi’s, and when I leave they will say that I spoke to between 3,000-5,000 Nazi’s (crowd booing). I see the opposite, I see people for democracy, people who want open government, people who want leaders who are not going to lie to them, and leaders who aren’t going to create arbitrary rules and regulations in order to orchestrate obedience of the population. I see people who want health officials who are working for us, and officials who care about our children's health and not profit and control. As I look out into the crowd I see all the flags of Europe, I see every color, I see people of every nation, every religion, all caring about human dignity, health, and political freedom."m.com/p/CEgfaRUHfYX/

One day later, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. posted this on Instagram regarding the event:

  1. The government’s strategy was to portray the protestors as right wing extremists or “Covid Deniers.”  

  2. The government issued three proclamations declaring the protest illegal. Our rapid response team of lawyers successfully appealed each of these declarations in court.

  3. Media reports claimed only 38,000 were protesting & showed clips of a staged incident where 100 riot police colluded in a false flag show, with some 50 agent provocateurs in Nazi regalia near the Reichtag miles from our protest.

  4. In the post, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. included peaceful and smiling photos of World Futbol champion Thomas Bartholdi and his wife Britta Protest, German national basketball star Joshiko Saibou and Olympic long jump champion Alexandra Westore. https://www.instagram.com/robertfkennedyjr/

Artistic depiction of the Berlin Protests. 
Artistic depiction of the Berlin Protests. 

Out of curiosity I decided to check in with the mainstream for myself. Something that draws 1.5 million people out into the city, with the majority not wearing masks, is something to seriously consider. I then read three articles from three separate news outlets (American, British and Canadian)  and then I wondered . . . as a collective, do we still enjoy the voice that these news outlets are propagating? And why are the two narratives so different from each other? Perspective is everything. One perspective promotes a demographic of society that is conscious, empowered, loving, and well intentioned, while the other perspective promotes a society that is shameful, selfish, and out of control. Why is it that the instagram post of Robert Kennedy Jr. promotes empowerment, while the mainstream media promotes shame? 

  1. CNN -  Thousands of Covid-deniers hit the streets in Berlin including a contingent of far-right groups and members identifying with the US-based right wing conspiracy mouvement QAnon. Few demonstrators wore masks or followed social distancing guidelines as they marched towards the BrandenBurg gate where 20,000 people were expected to gather. Hours into the demonstration police tweeted that they were dispersing the marchers, as they were concerned that social distancing measures were not being followed. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/01/world/berlin-germany-covid-19-protest-intl/index.html

  2. CTV - During the march, which authorities said drew about 38,000 people, participants expressed their opposition to a wide range of issues, including vaccinations, face masks and the German government in general. Some wore T-shirts promoting the "QAnon" conspiracy theory while others displayed white nationalist slogans and neo-Nazi insignia, though most participants denied having far-right views."I think there's a line and if someone takes to the streets with neo-Nazis then they've crossed that line," said Verena, a counter-protester from Berlin who declined to provide her surname. Germany has seen an upswing in new cases in recent weeks. The country's disease control agency reported Saturday that Germany had almost 1,500 new infections over the past day. https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/far-right-extremists-try-to-enter-german-parliament-1.5084689

  3. BBC - Police in Berlin have arrested 300 demonstrators during protests against Germany's coronavirus restrictions. Some 38,000 people took to the streets in the city for mostly peaceful demonstrations. A number of people were arrested and German politicians condemned the attack as "shameful" and "unacceptable". https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-53959552

After I read these articles my vision was bent on the fact that the mainstream news continues to subdue our civilisation’s growth through fear, guilt, and shame, while the pulse of humanity beats for a new narrative to emerge. I think most of us would agree that when 1.5 million people get together one day to peacefully protest, (a term that has now been given a new meaning by the mainstream media) in the streets of Germany for a common goal, we want to know about it! I would also be curious to know the well intentions behind the protest’s point of view, because I believe that people act in ways that they consider to be for their highest good, and even if that highest good differs from my own version I would still love it if the news was able to report on in. 

On the next point, you know how they say that awakening is like peeling back the layers of an onion? Well this blog post has certainly been like that for me. Just when it seemed like my vision was settling on the love I had for the pulse of revolution, I peeled back another layer of the onion and was shown the importance of staying in my centre. On the weekend I watched the 2011 movie Contagion with my family. A Hollywood movie following the plotline of a world pandemic, where the CDC works to control a lethal virus that spreads throughout the world.  Theorists talk about this movie because of its apparent predictive programming. I understand that the programming we receive are literal programs  for how we live our lives (unless we consciously declaire otherwise), so I wanted to see what they were talking about. I was curious and after watching the movie, three components stood out to me, while the fourth brought me to the next layer of the onion.

  1. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN reports an extremely similar narrative in the movie to the one he reports on in real life. 

  2. The movie’s pandemic originates in Hong Kong, the same country as the pandemic is said to have originated from in our lives. 

  3. The movie's virus is shown to have originated from bats, a similar narrative to how the current pandemic is considered to have begun.

I am curious . . . how do you feel about the fact that a Hollywood movie depicts an eerily similar situation to the one that has happened in 2020, and why is it so similar?  I also took some moments to focus on Jude Law’s character Alan Krumwiede.  He was the blogger and “conspiracy theorist” in the movie who was obsessed with proving that the MEV-1 virus was a bio-weapon used to cause mass terror over the Thanksgiving weekend. His work was to shed light on corruption. In the film he is also created by the powers that be; he is what you call the controlled opposition.

After watching the movie I then considered Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in a new light. Is it possible that he is also the controlled opposition in real life? Created to focus the energies of the opposite polarity in a way which benefits the power of the status quo, sort of like a good guy costume wrangling in the sheep? I don’t want to believe it to be true, but I must at least consider it.

Instead, Jude Law's character has helped me come back to where I was in my life before the coronavirus began; living in my local sphere, enjoying my breath, the nature that graces my vision, the loving souls who I share joy with, and my personal connection to God. It is the safe and loving voice that calls me back to look within, and to listen to my own truth more solidly than any other. It is the voice of wisdom that guides me to stay centered, and to lend myself so long as I am conscious of where I am lending myself too. It is the voice that calls me to listen more than I speak, and to breathe prayers to my world with silent breath.

When the status quo is called into question, whether that be in our own individual lives, or in the life of society as a whole, the same process will happen. It is the swing of the pendulum as it is rocked off center to again find a new balance point. The next time it stops it will be somewhere new. The process of getting there is to see our beliefs more polarized than ever before. We are seeing this in society now, and yet we can still balance the shift from within.

If you feel called to do your inner work, the first thing to do is to consider the role you are playing. If you are the victim, swing to consider the aggressor. If you are sweet and polite, consider the rebel, and if you are fearful, you may consider fearlessness. These are just three examples of the many roles we play, yet when you take part in the balancing process, the outcome will always be the same. Once you wrangle with the attachment to your roles, and the resistance to being both sides, your consciousness will settle on a new reference point to live from - one with an updated understanding of freedom. I believe humanity in this process now, and in times of trouble we can ask for a lift from God. Know that as you do the work to move forward, you are loved and safely held in the hand of compassion.

When the pendulum stops,

Our vertical alignment will evolve, 

And we will be newness again.

With love,