Do you Remember?

I pulled a poem out of the archive. It was originally written on June 29th 2018 when I took part in a Wilderness Solo located in the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains in the South of France around the time of my 30th birthday. Vision quests are common in First Nation cultures around the world, while in the west we've not formally established them as a rite of passage . . . but maybe we should.

At 30 it felt like the perfect time to sit and contemplate my transition into adulthood and the potentials of my future journey to come. It was a reminder to take our purpose in life seriously and stay committed to the path.

A good friend catching some rays (literally) on a mountainside trail.

Do You Remember?

Remember who you are.

Remember who you are before society and your conditioning and your beloved families DNA told you how to be. Be who you are before the template was given to you. And then be who you are after it.

Be the purity of your soul through the forms of your physicality, your extendable arms and legs and moving parts and through your organs and your heartbeat.

Be who you are through the projections of your mind, your dreams and you desires.

Be who you are through the compass of your emotions, through your sense of what fuels you, and then be who you are in all of that too.

Be that self that was there before the time that was this time, the one who remembers, the one who knows.

Be the one who takes the time to connect this body to its greater home, its greater community, and to the elements that are the foundation of who you are.

Be the one who knows the air, the water, the earth and the fire, the cornerstones of what allows you to exist as you. And then see yourself in the trees, and the wind, in the rivers and in the mountains. See your self in all the creatures that also move about this place and then see yourself in all there is to see.

Be the one that honours the heart of the earth that has given you this body. The one who remembers the mother of all that is in this world, the mother that came before your own mother, and the one that comes after you.

Be the one that sees the deep well of love that flows through all mothers as being the mother of all mothers.

Be the one that stewards life, that loves the home that is more than just the four walls that keeps them, and is within the four walls that keeps them too.

Be the one that loves the vessel of their body, and the smallness of each individual cell that makes it. The one that loves the health of their community as if it were themselves. The one who see’s themselves in their neighbours, their sister, their father, their friends, in the homeless on the street and in the one that softens their heart.

Be the one who see’s themselves in their beloved and also in the one that makes their lips purse, their anger stir, and in the one that creates fear.

Be the one who loves their greater home that is the land beneath the streets, and all terrain that supports all movement.

Be the one who remembers, imagines and hears in the wind the footsteps of those who walked before them, those who were also supported by this land, this air, this stream, this same earth that was their home. Be the one who remembers the ones who will come after you too.

Be the one who remembers who you are before the extensions of your wants made you forget to look deeper, and then love them for creating your being into form.

Be the one who see’s the actions of who your are as revealing the essence of who you are in every moment.

Be the one who know that dreams can create the future and the one who knows that looking beside you to the normalcy of the world will weaken those dreams. The one who knows that new birth comes from within. Fuel yourself from the wellspring of your soul and be the one who knows that when you ask a question the answer will always come.

Be the one that seeks out teachers that inspire you and fill you with awe.

Be the one who knows that the earth holds the essential truths, and that your truest teacher is you.

Be the one who grows, and the one who knows the deep roots of humanity. Be the one who caries the memories, and the sacred stories of experience through time.

Be the one who breaths and with each breath remembers who has come here to breath. Be the one who remembers who they are in the space between breath and in the being before the words, in the pulse before the actions and before the dream that is this dream.

Be the one that was wide before the pigeonholes and pedestals of their successes and feel good toys and technology. The one who was vulnerable before the pain of heartbreak and loss built a shield of protection. And be the one who is after these too.

Be the one who remembers the spark of why you are and then be who you are from that place.

Be the one who remembers who you are before you were asked to remember who you are.

And then be the one who smiles and softens into knowing that once you remember . . . soon again there will be a call to remember that you can be the one who remembers once more.

From my heart to yours,


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