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Block Chains, Voter Fraud, and the Wisdom of Insecurity

Melania's Election Dress and my Election Week Sky

I received a big lesson this week; personal, familial, and presidential. Mr. Joe Biden has been announced the projected winner of the presidential election by NBC and the Associated press at 11:30 this morning.

A friend was driving home when they found out, and asked me, “is it true?”

“Yes it seems to be,” I replied, “. . . and how do you feel about that?” I was at a loss for words.

“I feel sick.” they replied.

The truth is I’ve been feeling sick all week.

On the other hand, it’s a nice feeling to know that as a close circle, we are unified. Even though this year I have become what some would call a radical conspiracy theorist, on the farthest fringes of the right . . . walking my way to Team Trump, and galactic star child territory, I am content with my choices. The reason for such content is that I have listened to my inner truth. As I sit here, learning the lessons that come with the wisdom of insecurity, I can only say this: even though I have lost my ‘sweet likability’ over this election time, as I decided to be an outlet for radical information and a positive voice for the republican administration (or as Tucker Carlson put it, “the administration that is not controlled by the corporatocracy”), I am happy with my choices. I feel free, and more importantly than that, I feel seen . . . because in the way that a sweet and sensitive little angel would do, with one foot in front of the other, I am allowing my true voice to be heard in this crazy world we call civilized planet earth.

In this past week my big insecurities have percolated to the surface of my awareness which has required some slowing down and digging deeper. Although it was a difficult week, I have moved through it and removed the shackles of fear in a grounded life. I now have a place to hang my why? on the feelings that I feel and that’s a major accomplishment. Now that the emotional coat of insecurity has been hung up on the wall, since I remembered I was wearing it, I can carry on with much less baggage. Yay! Remembering has allowed me to see in a new way, and whether Trump actually wins or not (because remember now, I am a far to the right conspiracy theorist), I have learned the value of flexibility in action. In accepting defeat, placing my personal power into myself, and not into a particular person feels cozy. But, I have also learned the joy in putting my vote where it has resonated most. I’ve made a personal decision which feels good to my soul. Being flexible with my power feels much less isolating than keeping it only in myself, and much safer than placing it only in another. As far as power goes I feel free . . . for this moment anyway!

It wasn’t an easy road to get here, and for the past couple of days, as I received the necessary guidance, I now feel wiser, and ready to move forward with sharing my voice on Trump. Still you ask? Well, I’m a light warrior and for this moment in time, this is where I feel most on purpose. Without placing any force upon another that they must receive it, the thing is, my heart and soul both truly believe in the Trump administration.

In my last blog I told you about Issac Kappy but I haven’t yet told you that he committed suicide shortly after the fact. That’s the scary part. That which is hidden behind the veil of the false light matrix is not for the faint of heart. It is for whoever is called to become a truth warrior, and that is a path that comes straight from the desire by your soul to grow and be a part of the new. I’ve accepted that my relationship with Mr. Mainstream really was a fraud and like anyone else out there that has had an unfaithful partner, there is no going back from that type of realization. Your heart strings have been changed forever. For us who have passed this threshold, personally or societally, our hearts have become stronger and more resilient, and perhaps we have learned that when we are given a lesson, the best and most enjoyable way to spend our time happens when we allow ourselves to accept the sometimes difficult process of learning it.

When I first had a spiritual awakening in 2012, one of the first people that came onto my youtube screen was a man named Sacha Stone He was talking about this thing called the New Earth Haven, and with it came fractaline architecture, and a remembrance and reverence for the divinity of our species. It was a new vision for humanity and not in an egotistical power-centred way (that type of desire to rule over others comes from a trauma-based impulse—trauma-based meaning an action which has separated from our soul consciousness), but in a way that brings elevation to each human being's experience to live out their human life; in a way that is more than just physical. It is a sinking in, a slowing down, an expanding out, a remembering more, a changing focus, and an acceptance of personal responsibility. It’s a type of elevation that connects us to our soul self; a soul self that comes from the inside out and not the outside in. I listened to this man for weeks, eyes wide open. If I remember the moment correctly, as an aside to his vision he mentioned that green lizard beings were running our planet. At the time, hearing that was a big NOPE for me, and I abruptly proceeded to tune his voice out.

I spent the next seven years opening up my intuitive channels, healing the pieces of me that were playing small, and connecting to my soul memories. I traded in green lizards for angels, and extraterrestrials for spiritual liberation. I decided I wanted to ascend my humanity. But, over time spent in that arena, I quickly learned that even if that was hypothetical, it was not my time. I’ve since traded the path of transcendence for the path of embodiment, and learned that our bodies are actually sophisticated temples that we can elevate and activate much more than the average person today realizes. In essence we have the capacity to be much more free.

Then in this last year, it was my time to learn the dark side of duality, and I learned it keenly. What it showed me is that the mainstream world is not devoid of spirit as much as I once believed. That is only smoke and mirrors. Instead, the higher you get in power, the closer you are to the veils of illusion that hold us back from what is behind them. So then yes, green lizard beings, and a deeper understanding of the inverted polarity matrix came into my vision.

I will agree with most people, that the version of Donald Trump that the MSM offers us is of someone who should never be running a country. But like I’ve said many times before, for me that veil has been washed away. Instead I see a corporatocracy who uses a myriad of tactics to distort the truth, and not just about Trump but about your government systems and thier true intentions in general. Additionally, if you look at who’s funded each campaign, really look, it would make most people feel uneasy. Trump’s campaign was funded by police officers, farmers, and small businesses while Biden’s was funded by the corporate elite. In the words of Tucker Carlson, “Who will we say really won the election? Joseph R. Biden. That’s insulting. The tech companies will have one, the big banks will have one, the government of China, the media establishments, the permanent bureaucracy, the billionaire class, they will have won" If we really did choose Joe Biden, we will have again chosen an empty box wrapped up in loving paper. There is no substance once we unwrap it. But, with every step we take forward we walk into a new world. The times we are in are a sped up version of an ever evolving matrix, and the republican party, becasue it went rogue, has become the party of the people. It’s also become the party that’s exposing the underbelly of the elite society, or in Trump’s own words, “the draining of the swamp.”

I think that’s why I resonate with the movement so much. It’s also why the media hates him, they are the smoke screen to the basement door, deflecting our attention and defending the entrance with every word. I’ve spent the last seven years draining my own swamp. Lifting every belief, opening every file, and breathing love and truth into all the darkest spaces within. That’s why I know without a doubt that we, us, you and I, our one human family, create the reality that we live in. Each one of us is a programmable human battery in that sense. We have been living in a world that asks us to focus on the light and bring healing to the darkness, while at the same time behind the veil, they are the exact establishment that is creating the trauma. We have been living in our beautifully decorated living room while serious crimes have been happening in the basement. The status quo asks us to stay living in and discussing what we see on the main floor, but the truth is, things will never really change until we dig deeper. Personally, that means our subconscious, and societally it means we need someone like Donald Trump.

For those who haven’t yet taken the time to look into some of the alternative voices, you may only know them as conspiracy theorists which the mainstream media continually discredits. What you might not know is that a force in MSM has now advanced to actively deleting the platforms which discuss this type of content. In the last month almost everyone I listen to has been de-platformed (of course they open up again somewhere new so it's not that devastating), but the principle of the act itself is a painful shot to all that is good and true. I consider myself to be a loving person, very tolerant, and very curious, which means that most of the people I listen to are also this way.

There is also this; words are not hurtful when we see them for what they are. It is just someone's free speech. It is us that chooses to believe in them or not, or to take them in or not. We do have to learn boundaries to get there, but that is an innate part of being human.

Instead the media and the powers that be have taken away this right from us, by molding a collective culture that is encouraged to be offended by each-other. They have craftily deleted our capacity to understand and be unaffected by the personal opinion of those around us. Slowly they have deleted our personal boundaries. The mainstream voice now decides what is appropriate and what isn’t. Craftily labeling what does not fit the narrative as hate speech. The truth is that most of it is just speech, and most of it is honest inquiry. Freedom of speech… let us not allow this to be blindly taken away.

As we sit here today, many patriots have said that this election is not over until the fat lady sings. In this case, the fat lady is the Supreme Court and these are the puzzle pieces: On Oct 10th, 2012 Trump said, “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, it matters who is counting the votes. Be careful of voter fraud.” Then in his presidency, he proceeded to nominate two Judges that directly assisted Bush in the Gore Vs. Bush case on voter fraud (Barrett and Kavanaugh), and a third who sat on the bench (Gorsuch). Coincidence? In the truther community there has been a release of information that the ballots have been watermarked. Every ballot has a QFS block chain inscription code. Meaning that they know pretty well where every ballot is, where it went, and who has it Melania Trump also went out of her way on election day to vote on her own, wearing a dress printed from head to knee in horse bits which could also be interpreted as a silver and gold block chain pattern. Coincidence? Trump has said for months leading up to the election that there would be voter fraud like we have never seen it before. Only time will tell if these puzzle pieces paint the true image for 2020.

I am still team Trump, and I am also for transparency and truth. I know that there were 30,000 people at most of the fourteen rallies that Trump did in the last three days before the election, and there are thousands of pictures of the rallies as undeniable proof. Coincidently these are many of the same states which are being contested for voter fraud. We also have no idea of how many people voted through mail in ballots because they were too fearful of going outside to vote in person. So I also consider this to be my blind spot. Whatever truths arise in the courts, I will support the win because it means that the collective majority has decided. In the meantime I am happy for all those who are celebrating and feeling a sense of safety. I hope they enjoy it. My inquiry however, is focused on if that storyline happens to blow out the window. Will we adopt constitutional integrity, honesty, liberty, in lieu of 'orange man bad' ? Will we be prepared for it? These next two months are astrologically forecasted to be the most nail biting of the entire year with December 21stthe solstice being the darkest and deepest point of our collective journey.

In the meantime life carries on, we live and breathe and do what we need to do. As we walk, march, dance and crawl forward, I wish everyone peace, prosperity, love and connection for these last months of the year. However, 2020 vision for much of the collective seems like an unavoidable probability. If the republicans lose, it could mean my own vision needs a clearing, because for the last eight months I have had a strong resonance with the vibrationally predicted Trump landslide by many lightworkers and star-seeds. If he wins, it could mean yours needs that clearingperhaps you are now someone who is beginning to see through the illusion of the media. As everyone is a unique snowflake in the matrix of life, each of our doses will be personally catered to us by our soul, and that’s the fun of it. If Joe Biden is the true winner of the election then I wish all of you who voted for him a heartfelt congratulations, it means thats the reality we've decided on as a collective. I will be ok with that. If it turns out he isn’t and some of you are called to walk the road I have walked this year, know that I am here to answer questions and offer support.

I am personally living a timeline where the truth can no longer stay hidden, and rather than sensor in order to live in a reductive world, let's let all voices be heard.

For it's then that we can find those ones we resonate with most and that is true healing. In an infinite universe of divine orchestration, we can all find our place. Remember, voice is not the same thing as action. When we choose to listen to the words of others through curiosity, letting them be like the breeze on a windy day, the words not meant for us will brush past and all we will have received is a tickle on the cheek. Then we can carry on; hopefully dancing. I think that's the way to do it. On the other hand, the voices that are meant for us will naturally penetrate our core and we can ingest them with curiosity and contemplation. I believe opinions are infinite, yet action based truth is fixed. Truth can only be seen through transparency, and this is what the republican party is now basing their voting inquiry platform on. They are now calling for real every day people to be brave and step up, if they have been a witness to suspicious activity calling them fourth to share their voice. We are the ones who need to create the transformation. This is a revolution from the corporatocracy in action. Through my eyes, this grassroots call to action, by the head of a governing body to its actual people has never happened before. Of course my heart and soul believe Trump is good; if you believe he is bad I send out compassion to you, this situation could be considered quite scary.

I feel that many of us have been taught to become like a wall of hatred when it comes to Donald Trump. The thing for me is that I simply cannot hate a president who has exposed child trafficking and ended war in the middle east. How can I stonewall a leader who has pulled his country out of the globalist agendas and removed it from the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry, while personally promoting the importance of a strong immune system? I am for the voice that empowers the everyday citizen, and I think Donald Trump is using his voice for us.

Stand it our own light my dears,

For then your voice becomes like a song,

Remember, we are all a part of the same human symphony.


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