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Beginers Meditation and the World of Energy 

Being a professional energy healer means that you are trained in reading energy. What does this mean exactly? Firstly, everything is energy. Physicality, the world that we can actually see, is just energy that has condensed into physical form. When I think of the human body, I think of it like a big, beautiful home that we each receive when we incarnate and become human. We are bestowed with taking care of this home throughout our passage through linear time; our life's journey.

Metaphorically speaking our our chakra system is like the windows and doors to this home. Different systems have been created that have categorized different numbers of chakra's that correspond to the human vessel, but for all all intensive purposes I am going to stick with the basic 7. We have 7 spinning vortices that project out of the front and back of our bodies and this is where the energy from the universal energy field, aka. the world around us, comes in and becomes a part of who we are. They are the experiences that shape us, and we receive them through our five senses; touch, taste, smell, sound and sight. They then get stored in our mind as memory. Even more than that, how we respond to each event that we experience gets stored in our cell’s and lays out the foundation for how we move about the world. This informs and programs us subconsciously for how we will respond to similar events in the future.

This is how we create our own reality. Everyone does this; the trick is that we have to become conscious for it to benefit us and to feel it as empowering. A great way to start working with this idea is to begin mindfulness meditation, because meditation teaches us how to come into the present moment. Here is a little metaphor. Typical life has us sitting on the front porch of our home watching and engaging with the people that pass us by. People may come for a visit and sit for a while and some of these people may give us beautiful gifts and some may give us garbage. In typical life, we allow these visitors to place gifts inside of our home without really taking a look to see what is inside of the wrapping. We continue to sit on the front porch and place things in our homes, until our capacity to function becomes burdened, because our home is now cluttered with so many gifts (or information)! We have totally forgotten to dust and vacuum, take down the Christmas decorations, or clear the unnecessary clutter from our space. And just in case you missed it, all these objects are a metaphor for life's experiences adding up over time.

Some people can keep a pretty tidy Feng Shui'd space without too much effort because that is how they were taught to be growing up. Whether the front door is open or closed when people come to visit, or whether or not their gifts are welcomed through the thresh-hold is all determined by the belief structures that we adopted through the experiences that shaped the beginning years of our lives. In my opinion, the people that learn this internal Feng shui are not the majority. For the majority of us, we need to be taught how to do this later in life. This is where mindfulness meditation is helpful.

At first it can be daunting. Just like anything, it takes time to learn a new skill. Retraining the mind to slow down and to be with the present moment can feel like wrestling with a wild elephant.

When we begin something like mindfulness meditation we are allowing our mind or elephant to walk through the front door of our own house and connect in with all of the things we’ve stored there over the years. By starting meditation you are training this elephant to walk though the front door of your house. Can you envision this in your head? Does it seem easy? In my opinion the hardest part is this aspect of training.

Once you reach the new platform of experience, things become interesting again. You will probably know that you’ve reached this point when you start to enjoy sitting down to meditate. It will seem peaceful, and you will start to get little hits of insight, revealing what is going on inside of your home. From my experience, these insights can come in though old memories or visions, smells, insights, or even auditory. The path to start receiving this information has two essential components; the breath and the sensations in your body. Focus on these two things as you move through, and let the rest be organic. The breath is how you walk though your house internally, and the sensation in the body is the body’s way of showing you what it wants you to look at. The details of this information should be organic.

These sensations become In-sight when we spend time with them, and we do this through breathing. Let the mind become receptive to what the sensation has stored in it. It is the difference between the typical way that the mind runs in the hamster wheel endlessly chasing the carrot, thinking thoughts that are not really connected to our deeper self versus breathing with and becoming the carrot. When we do this we are letting all the information that the carrot has innately within it reveal itself.

We have a complex energy system that works throughout our body. Just like the way our organs are formed and placed, how our skeleton hold us up, and how our body is designed - the architecture of how our energy moves through our bodies has a system and structure as well.

These are our chakras, and meridians or nadis. It is through these subtle structures that our subtly energy moves about, and then becomes our physicality. It is said that energy is firstly light and sound and so we work to attune to vibration. In the human from, we can move this light and sound consciously, it is a part of our birthright! This light and sound is filled with data and information that creates who we are and how we are. Might think twice the next time you speak? Your word and song are powerful.

When I work with others or with myself shifting a moving energy, my foundational beliefs are these:

1.The Human essence is innately good and thrives when it learns unconditional love.

2. We are all innately self-healing, we just need to slow down and into a space that allows for this natural impulse.

3. Once I am with a client, I am in service to how that clients natural impulse would like to move towards healing. I am meeting the bio field were its at and supporting, rather than coming in with my own plan for transformation. I am a servant to the present moment.


1. Take a moment to be kind to yourself. Maybe smile at how crazy, complex, silly and simple humans are in general.

2. Whatever comes up from that - smile even more. Imagine you are as innocent as as a young child. Love your self as you would a new born baby. Tap into your spontaneity and tenderness. It is from this place that true transformation can take place.

3. Think about a time and place in the day that you can take 10 minutes to just be with yourself. Make that space in advance so that you remove any anxiety, or worry about the things that are going on in your day to day. The location that you choose should be quiet, where no one will bother you. You can be sitting in a chair, lying down or in a meditative posture with your legs crossed. All will do, as the most important factor here is that your spine is straight. Be careful with the lying down posture because this is how our bodies know it's time to go to sleep, so you may notice that you get drowsy more easily in this position. Our spines support the biggest highway for energy in our entire body. It’s called the central channel so that is why a straight spine is so important.

4. When you’ve decided on a time and location and you’ve reached that moment, you can use a timer and set it for ten minutes. Get quiet and start focusing on the breath. If you’ve never done this before your mind is going to throw a whole pile of thoughts at you - maybe telling you its a waste of time, you’re crazy, or you’re not doing it right. Just smile at that and focus again on the breath. This is you training your elephant.

5. When you focus on the breath for long enough the mind will begin to calm down, and this is where you can begin to let the sensations in the body become interesting to you. Focus on that. Breathe and focus on the sensation in or on your body. These might feel like tingling, heat, pulsing, spaciousness, coolness, tension or pain. Pain is not an easy thing to be with, but it's actually the resistance to pain that causes us suffering... so play with that and see what it feels like to just breath with the pain. Whatever comes up - just be with it and continue to focus on the breath.

6. Do this for 10 minutes. Once the timer beeps, you’re done for now. Great job! Even if you managed to truly focus on the breath for 30 seconds of the 10 minutes – this is great!

7. If you feel to, you can write down anything that came up during your meditation to release it, to remember it, or to allow more time for contemplation.

8. Congratulate yourself for taking the time and if it’s something that you feel benefited you, see if you can create a time in your day to do this 3 to 5 times a week. Repeat this process for 2 weeks and then think about sitting for 15 minutes instead of just 10... or maybe even 20 minutes ;)

Well done! You are well on your way, and I congratulate you for taking the first step. You are totally amazing and I am so proud of you :) Great job!

From my heart to yours,


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