Soul-Centered Embodiment: A New Template of Living

Healing, we learned in my last post, is a word that means to make whole, and to support you on that journey of becoming whole on the inside, my goal in this post is to point out the initial setbacks, to offer you a new perspective on how the human being is put together: a new template that I've called Soul-Centered Embodiment, and then to give give you some tricks of the trade on how to go about exploring it.

In slow and organic way, by putting the theories of Soul-Centered Embodyment into practice, it's a template that can change humanity for the better. Of course that's only my personal opinion based on experience! So, if you resonate with it's content why not take the same journey yourself in order to make an informed conclusion. If all goes well, it's a template that can bring us all back into balance with Mother Earth and into a rhythm that fosters wellbeing: some of the biggest motivators for sharing what I share.

Often, a typical human lives in the external world following their dreams, making plans, having experiences, and growing their careers and families. We spend our days in the world of doing more than the world of being, and it seems to work just fine until something goes wrong. Maybe it’s heartbreak, death, depression, illness, loosing a job, or whatever it is, and we just just can’t seem to move though it. With all of our will and intellect, try as we might, sometimes we just can’t seem to fix or accept the things that are in front of us. What we typicaly don’t realize is that the things we are trying to fix were actually already there living in the deeper parts of who we are. That they were encoded in our DNA long before the experience became physical, as so undoing them, in most cases, means digging deeper with the new intent to live more strongly from our hearts.

When life stops going as planned, (in our most unhealed version of who we are), we'll typically react in one of two ways—we'll blame others or we'll blame ourselves. I've fallen into the blame myself category more than once; I know it well. I've felt like I was a failure, that there was something wrong with me, and that the actions I had taken had caused my external reality to break down in a painful way. I made myself small, and perceived everyone else as being better. I got caught in a mind loop that told me that, "if I had just made different choices, that the outcomes could have been different." I took on ALL the responsibility for where I found myself, and it made me even more stuck. Taking on all this responsibility in a disempowered way is what I am going to affectionately label as the 'I SUCK REALITY '.

The second reaction, is the response is to blame others, as to us at the time it may seem like they are the ones who caused us all the pain. In this version we don’t take any ownership because it's those in our external reality who we feel have failed us. This iteration I call the 'THEY SUCK REALITY,' and we'll typically tend to know one more than the other in as we respond to pain in our lives.

An interesting realization is that these two reactions have the very same vibration, like two sides of the same coin. One is an implosion and the other is an explosion: both failing to bring the dilemma into our hearts so that lesson learning and transmutation can take place. The first step to healing with the heart is to see us as equal to everyone around us.

Something else that helped me to step out of these limiting beliefs and into my heart, was to see myself from a different point of view, and so I decide to create a template for it. I call it SOUL-CENTERED EMBODIMENT and it's meant to give more room for your multi-dimensionality to play a part in your experience. Each one of us is so magical, so unique and so full of potential. I think that it's time to make more room for these aspect in our lives. Don't you? Let's check out life from the vantage point of your soul.


When your soul incarnates into a physical body there are a number of factors that create who you are and who you will become in that incarnation. Our purpose for incarnating is what makes us feel alive, and when it comes to struggle and strife, embracing karma as a principle, duality as our chessboard and LOVE as the energy that fuels us, creates new doorways for deeper healing . Below are four categories to helpp you expand your sense of self.

1. Your Family Lineage: As a physical human, the pains and sorrow as well as the joys and accomplishments from your family lines are programmed into your DNA. You become a unique fusion of your father's family line, and your mother's family line—their beliefs, their emotional responses, their inclinations, all become a part of who you are.

2. Your Soul's History: Every time you incarnate, all the knowledge of every experience you’ve ever had as a soul become programmed in your DNA. Just like your family lines this can include wounds and gifts. Often times you incarnate into a family that will reflect or vibrate in the same way as the karma you already carry.

3. The Location of your Incarnation in Time and Space: This is where your city, your country, your school, the media, television, your neighbours, everything from the outside world offers new programs to create the most updated version of who you are. These experiences are especially influential until the age of seven as your chakras don’t yet have filters on them. Everything that you experience goes into your cells. You are receiving a massive amount of downloaded information as a child from birth until you are about seven years old.

4. The Alignment of the Cosmos at the Time of Your Birth: The energies of the planets constellation that surrounded you during the time and date of your incarnation inform the basic qualities and tendencies that template your character and personality.

So you see, you're so much more complex and magical then you realize! And from this perspective so much of the pain that we carry is not personal. You my friend have just become the tipping point as one of the pillars in humanities interconnected web, a pioneer in consciousness and one in the club responsible for changing the direction of humanities collective experience.

* * *

When life offers you an epic crash, why not let it become one with the whole of you.

As you begin to do the work, the first thing that I'd like you to contemplate on is this: the possibility of being able to take your life much less personally and much more personally at the same time; to consider the practice of seeing yourself in a more expansive way.

Why? Because the impersonal view gives us enough reflection room to really see ourselves, and at the same time the deeply personal view creates the level of ownership required to fuel our transformation.

The second thing is that I want you to feel that it's possible to transform into a happier, healthier, and more self-loving version of yourself. Does possible feel true?! If it doesn't, well, thats what coaches are for! Why not step out and find one? Yes, self work requires courage and strength, and it is at times hard work, but when you do step up, know that you're taking an action which is in direct alignment with the intentions of the planet. Meaning that, if you walk the path one step at a time (it might not feel like it at first), evenetually you'll be cruizing downstream with the river. If you connect with her (Earth) on your unique journey, you'll experience a more tangible sense of suppport and personal empowerment.

The third thing, is that I want you to know that love is at your core. I mean, who hasn't melted in the presence of a child laugh, or felt upliftment from witnessing purity? We all have this medicine at our core, in subtle energetics is it a part of it's science. So that is what I hope you latch onto, that you are unwaveringly a part of God's love and in doing the work to clear what is not longer in alignemnt with that love, that you will be met with support.

In service and in love,


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