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A New Template For Self

In this post I want to offer a new perspective on how a human being is put together, for the purpose of healing. Healing, we learned in my last post means to make whole. To support you in that journey, my goal here is to transform the relationship that you have with yourself into one that is much less personal and even more personal at the same time.

Why? Because the impersonal view gives us enough reflection room to really see ourselves, and at the same time the deeply personal view creates the level of ownership required to fuel our transformation. I am inviting you to expand your sense of self as a tool to support your growth.

I also want you to feel that it is possible to transform into a happier, healthier and more self- loving version of yourself. Yes, self work does require courage and strength but you are also taking an action step that is in direct alignment with the intention of the planet, so she becomes a massive support for your transformation. The big guns are on your side in this endeavour ;) So much more than you know!

In this space I am standing rooted in the belief that most people find their way to a page like this because their life is not going the way that they planned. There is a certain level of fear, rejection, confusion, overwhelm that has arrived about how to deal with the dish that life has served up. And in order to support you in resolving this, I want to shed light on a new template.

The foundations of our current template make us believe that the things around us are separate from who we are.

We live in the external world following our dreams, making plans, having experiences, and growing our careers and families. We are living. This works fine until something goes wrong. Maybe it’s heartbreak, death, depression, illness, loosing a job, or whatever it is, and we just just can’t seem to move though it. Even with all of our will and intellect we just can’t fix or accept the thing that is in front of us. What we don’t realize is that the things we are trying to fix are actually a deep part of us us. They were encoded in our DNA long before the symptoms began, and so I am inviting you to take a big breath, release the blame. Because it is, up until a point, way out of our control. By surrendering the blame we can invite whatever is going on within to become our ally.

When life seems to stop going as planned, we usually react in one of two ways - we blame others or we blame ourselves. For me personally, I fell into the blame myself reaction. I felt like I was a failure, that there was something wrong with me, and that it was something that I had done which caused my external reality to break down in a painful way. I made myself small, and perceived everyone else as being better than me. I got caught in the mind loop that if I had made different choices, the outcome could have been different. I took on all the responsibility for the pain that had been created. I am going to affectionately label this the I SUCK TEMPLATE.

This template can also go the other way. When life doesn’t go as planned, we can blame others, and feel like they are the ones that caused us pain. We don’t take any ownership. In this version those in our external reality have failed us. This iteration is the THEY SUCK TEMPLATE. In essence these two concepts hold the same vibration. In one version, the card has fallen face up and in the other the card has fallen face down. They are two sides of the same coin and in the end they are the same coin.

So we get to this place and eventually, we begin to self reflect because we want to change and to transform. To do this in the most effect way I want to offer a new template, THE SOUL TEMPLATE. This is were we remove those "I suck/they suck limiting beliefs" and allow a deeper understanding of what it really means to be a multidimensional human.

Perhaps you are already on the level of the soul, or perhaps this is a new perspective for you. Either way, I would like to explain how I perceive a person in a healing session with me.

Each one of us is so magical, so unique and so full of potential. The energy that fuels us is LOVE.

This is why I don’t have fear about going inside and pealing off the layers with someone. I know the foundation of who they are is made of love. I hold this pillar of understanding unwaveringly.

It can be no other way - I lovingly invite you to consider this thought. Think of every singe baby you’ve ever seen, and what each baby emanates when all of its needs are met. Think of how it feels to send genuine love to another, to give a gift from the heart. Think of what our natural impulse is as country or city when a crisis happens. We usually want to come together and help in the best way that we can. Although, I also know that a lot of the time we forget and and we follow power without heart, or money without authentic exchange. Notice how we don’t thrive in these situations… war causes pain inside the human vessel; power without heart causes separation and isolation, and keeps us thirsting for more and more. It does not fill up our base line needs. Only love does that.

So if you feel to, add a new empowering belief into your sense of self. At your deepest level under all of the fear, worry, guilt, shame, anger, and pride - your baseline is love.

I believe that you are a good person; the question is - do you believe it? This is the anchor that your own soul offers. To take it even further, consider what it might feel like to know that all of those emotions that I just mentioned are created inside of love. A a collective we have just experienced them while separated from our foundations (not truly... but on a superficial level). Because of this, these emotions become so much more overwhelming then they need to be. In truth, these feelings are actually just our compass, telling us all the ways in which we have turned away from love. This compass is inviting us to come back. So... a real and true question to think about. Are you listening? And just a little FYI... I totally get pulled into these feelings sometimes too ;) We are only human after all!

And now back to the beginning of this post. I am going to offer a template by way of four pillars that anchor into your solid foundation of pure love.

When we crash into the pieces of ourselves that we seriously were not expecting. Might as well become one with the whole.

And I'm going to call it THE SOULS HUMAN TEMPLATE. When your soul incarnates into a physical body there are a number of factors that create who you are and who you will become from the moment you made the choice to incarnate.

1.Your Family Lineage: The pains and sorrow as well as the joys and accomplishments from your family lines are programmed into your DNA. You become a unique fusion of your father's family line, and your mother's family line - their beliefs, their emotional responses, their inclinations, all become a part of who you are.

2. Your Soul's History: This is where reincarnation becomes a factor to consider adding to your belief system. Every time you incarnate, all the knowledge of every experience you’ve ever had as a soul become programmed in your DNA. Just like your family lines this can include wounds and gifts. And often times you incarnate into a family that will reflect or vibrate in the same way as the karma you already carry.

3. The Location of your Incarnation in Time and Space: This is where your city, your country, your school, the media, television, your neighbours, everything from the outside world offers new programs to create the most updated version of who you are. These experiences are especially influential until the age of seven as your chakras don’t yet have filters on them. Everything that you experience goes into your cells. You are receiving a massive amount of downloaded information as a child from birth until you are about seven years old.

4. The Alignment of the Cosmos at the Time of Your Birth: This is how astrology fits into creating who you are. The energies of the planets constellation that surrounded you during the time and date of your incarnation inform the basic qualities and tendencies that template your character and personality.

So you see, you are so much more complex and magical then you realize! From this perspective so much of the pain that we carry is not personal! You my friend have just become the tipping point, as one of the pillars in humanities interconnected web. By choosing to do this work you are becoming one of the pioneers who is responsible for changing the direction of humanities collective experience. I whole heartedly welcome you to the club and I honour you.

To sum up my intention, I’m inviting you to lessen the blame and have compassion for yourself. Also know that when you face illness, or reach the point of wanting to shift something in your life and truly feel empowered to do the work, you are transforming and healing more than just yourself. You are gifting life a new possibility of expression and using your own energy to transform a portion of the collective, your family and your community. You are honouring the planets desire for a lighter, brighter, more self aware and self loving experience. I’ll finish today up by letting you know that there are real ways to move out of your suffering, that I see you, and that I am proud of you and grateful for your efforts.

In service and in love,


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