2021: A Year in Review & A Prayer

Happy New Year to all of my beloved family and friends. Whether you've known me for ages or are new to the Earth Heart Healing platform, I want you to know how grateful I am that we're connected here! And that I'm wishing you all of the love and wellbeing that your heart can hold of 2022. You are amazing and I appreciate you.

Our first big snowfall of the year and a new outfit for the trees.

I’m sitting here, taking a moment to reflect on all this last year has been; letting the rolodex of lessons, integrations, struggles, joys, and new memories show up—together creating a year in the life Marnie O. This year has been nothing I envisioned, or anticipated. That is for sure. The truth is, I think it may have been my most difficult year to date. Things just never planned out how I had expected them to and I experienced struggle after struggle, like unknown force fields that hadn’t yet made their way to the light.

I remember a moment a few years past when I felt my aura transform. I had a visceral experience of it expanding from it’s usual 3-5 feet to one that spanned the whole earth. The clarity of what I experienced lasted moments, and whether it passed because of integration, or becasue of temporality being at its root, it changed me (again!).

The reason, or so I thought, was becasue I had set out to write a book, and reaching people globally also meant connecting globally on an energetic level. Maybe that really was one level of it's purpose, as excitingly, a virtual copy of my book is now in school libraries in the US, Nigeria, and Germany. How cool is that?! There was however, another level to this experience of expansion and it was one that I could have in no way imagined. One much more difficult to digest. It was full of shadows being revealed, and psychologically & emotionally they were tough things to learn.

Previous to this shift in my energy field, I found joy in cultivating inner transformation, through learning and loving my own shadows, and through living a yogic lifestyle of stretching and breath-work (in every spare moment that I got). I embraced the path of a healer fully and it lead me into many magical moments. In the last chapter of my life, inner exploration filled up my entire world, and in quite a lovely way might I add. I lived life in the clouds of heaven, but, in a body that only truly thrives when connected to the earth below it, I soon found out that I had myself dilemma.

The expansion of my aura onto the earth plain (to my horror), also came with a new type feedback loop, and I found myself attracted to listening to government whistle blowers, SRA survivors, and the most resilient voices of the censored doctors around the world. I learned about the NWO, the elites desire for population control, and I read the plan for a world wide vaccination schedule (which was written about ten years ago by David Icke in his book Human Race Get of Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More).

To put it bluntly, their accumulative effect made me depressed and fearful, and as someone now emerging from the rabbit hole (gracefully and to the best of my abilities), I am not ashamed to say it. In fact I feel like experiencing depression was the only way to learn all of this content. Because so much of it was so dark, depression was in alignment.

The cabin, all cleaned up on the inside, and dressed for the season.

Learning the dark side of our systems was exactly why I chose to speak out against getting vaccinated months ago on facebook. With all the good intentions of my heart, I felt sure that misery would befall too many innocent souls in the future, and if I was able, I wanted to intercept. I wanted to protect my loved ones: those who were choosing to follow the call of heart strings being pulled by our governments and media. Those being called to follow a sinister plan, however rearranged and rebranded, to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the whole. And so, I put my voice on the line. At first, it was with certainty (and some people listened), then it was in self defence (as I strived to hold onto the integrity I felt I deserved), and then I began to fall on deaf ears. I felt a feedback loop that said that I was the dark one, and so with a defeated feeling I stopped.

Now it's become my person reflection. As I sit here at the beginning of a new year, I’m remarking on the many levels to this sinister plan, and the fact that I knew nothing of it only two years prior. My worldview has gone through a huge evolution since traveling down these dark rabbit holes but I remain ever hopeful because I also know this:

That at the very same time, on all levels and in all moments, no matter how much we have listened to the requests of the status quo, or how much we have refused them, that there will always be a safe haven in our soul.

A place where we can turn things around, alchemize our present moment into something good again, and a place where we can make a live reset to live in the upward spiral of life revealing itself. With the right thoughts, the right protocols, the right herbs, the right food, the right ways to reduces stress, the right way to come back into presence, In the remembrance that we are ALWAYS stronger when we are connected to our community and our loved ones, I believe that we can counteract anything that we’ve done through unaware actions. I truly believe that when our will is in alignment with the will of God, and in remembering that it's not always going to be like the picture we have in our minds, that there is always a way forward.

* * *

One day, when I felt that I had enough information to make the informed decisions I was desiring, I noticed that a ladder up the rabbit hole had been created. That I could climb down with ease and in a matter of seconds, that I could move back up and into the light. And that my friends, is were I am now. I am EXCITED for the light of 2022. To be able walk in goodness again. To be able to live in joy.

And . . . that my rabbit whole adventures have created an expansion.

The power of rabbit hole discoveries, I'm finding, is to better see the potholes as I'm walking. It is to see more clearly the deceivers and the false truths, and to make more informed choices. When I learned the dark side of our systems, I saw that had a new discerning ability to live more deeply in the goodness of God without getting trapped in a type of deception that hides itself impeccably until it’s too late. Rabbit hole discoveries I suspect, are what teach us to stare darkness in the eye and trust that we’ve been guided to sit square within the will of God’s guiding light. To go down the rabbit holes is to walk the path of the light warrior.

So, with all that said, and with all that darkness still wanting space to be talked about (here in this blog post apparently), I know I am moving onto 2022 with more gusto, with more joy, and with more drive to make my dreams reality. And since I have chosen to share my voice I have something to celebrate: my family now know me for who I really am. With regards to world affairs, we may not agree on it all, but that is the beauty of being human.

Once we make the discovery that we can hold firm our own point of view, and hold space for the point of view of another with true understanding—well that’s world peace! And if we have the foresight and heart to create it within our families, then that's world peace too—to change the world we must only each change ourselves. The microcosm is the macrocosm.

So my dears, did the apocalypse come? Yes, with a mournful embrace I think that it has. And like any forest fire who clears its claimed terrain with speed and ferociousness, the new growth it makes room for is equally as awesome.

The thing about the truth in this matrix, whatever it may be, is that it will always be revealed, eventually, and in 2022 I believe that we are in for another mass level of awakening in the collective. I know that times will be tough, but I also know that God’s grace is available to us in every moment. With the right effort and humility we can all feel its embrace.

With love and support (if ever you need it),


Smokey says hi. He's been searching for greens under the snow.

2022: A Prayer for the New Year

God bless 2022.

A year of transformation.

May those who’s eyes are opening to see be comforted.

May those who’s heart is opening to feel be given strength.

May those who are called to speak their truth be received.

And may those who are called to love their neighbor as themselves be supported.

Whatever our path, each unique and known only to you,

May we hear your whispers that spring forth from deep within our hearts.

May we feel the love of the mother to comfort us.

May we remember the goodness that comes from living in

alignment with the earth and all of her creatures.

And may we feel inspired by the voice of goodness

to lead us into the best timeline for humanity.

May unity be stronger than separation.

May love embrace fear.

And may we remember who we really are:

A divine race made in the likeness and the image of God.

May 2022,

Although a difficult year in history without question,

Also be a year of internal fulfilment,

Of greater understanding,

And the receiver of the simple joys that come naturally

when we live in alignment with your goodness.

For those of us who feel guided to support others at this time,

May we feel your loving presence overflow from our hears.

I give you my service,

My love, and my gratitude.

May this year be the best adventure yet!


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