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Transformational Packages

* Packages come in three sizes; five, seven and nine sessions. Start with a consult if you're  unsure which package is right for you. 

Soul Growth Break Through Package

5 sessions

Deep Work, Big

Growth Package

7 sessions


Moving Mountains

From the Inside Out

9 sessions


Choose between 

1Hr or 1.5Hr sessions

 Transformational Packages

are a wonderful way to:


  • Catalyze your journey.

  • Give yourself extra support. 

  • Alchemize yourself out of  an old pattern. 

  • Open a new door.

  • Receive catered soul-based learning.


Don't just take my word for it.

Click HERE to read the testimonials. 

Apply for a gifted

Deep Work, Big Growth 

7 x 1.5hr Package today  

On planet earth everyone deserves to feel supported. Thats why, in my own small way, I gift a defined number of packages per year, to those individuals who need it. 


Are you ready for healing, but not yet able to afford it? This offering could be meant for you. Apply for your gifted healing journey today! I would love to hear from you. 

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