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Take a Pause to Breathe and Go Deeper 


One time sessions are often a synergy between some of these things: intuitively guided meditations to

assist you in exploring your inner world, a type of inward questioning called Awareness Dialogue,

breath-work as a method to move energetics, opportunities to share and reflect, and suggestions for heart work. 


Booking Notes:


Before you confirm your booking you'll be guided to fill out an intake from. Please only fill out what

you feel comfortable sharing at this time, and include as much or as little detail as you like. 

* If you're short on time, you can check the 'Send Me The Link Vial Email' box at the top

of the page to complete the form at anytime 24hrs in advance of your appointment. 

Cancelations & Rescheduling:

Any cancellations made 24 hours in advance will receive a full refund or the ability to rebook for

another date. Cancelations made after 24 hours in advance will forfeit any refunds or be charged an

additional 30% to rebook for another date. 

* Some exemptions may apply. See the Cancellation Policy in the footer notes for a further breakdown of costs.


Will this be your first time meeting me? Add a 20 minute clarity call to your session and get extra time for free. 

20 Minute Clarity Call + 60 Minute Zoom Session   |   $111 
20 Minute Clarity Call + 90 Minute Zoom Session   |   $144
60 Minute Zoom Session   |   $111
90 Minute Zoom Session   |   $144
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