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Hi I’m Marnie, Energy Healer, Author

& Creator of Earth Heart Healing. 


I’ve always had the gift of bringing balance to a space and I’ve always known

it had everything to do with love. I was four when I remember driving in the car

with my father. “Dad” I asked, “why are most of the songs on the radio about love?”

After pausing he replied that “love, is really important to people.” We sat in silence

and I had my first revelation.

As a child I loved building 3D puzzles and could easily see how the pieces fit together. I

also loved to explore, and although I battled strongly with social anxiety, I never passed up

an opportunity to travel the world in search of meaning. My first trip abroad was to study English

(although I remember it more as philosophy) on the island of Crete and while driving down a bumpy, curvy road on the way to school I noticed  something peculiar. Adorning the road were homes that looked part parking garage. They were homes built without mortgages and I learned that families would keep the basic structure of their dwellings incomplete so that as generations grew and new income came in they could then build new floors with ease. A piece of insight touched me. What I saw were homes that honored the importance of family, and with rebar poking out of columns in the roof, they revealed to me that things don't need to be perfect to be full of love.

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My first meditation retreat at the end of ten days in silence,  Lucknow India 2012. 

In university I studied architecture and for the first time in my life I fell in love with my journey, and also with a man. Every aspect of living brought me joy and I experienced life untethered from my fears. As an empath I was living unaware of my co-dependent nature and when heartbreak arrived only eight months later I realized I couldn’t cope with the emotional pain. My life halted and just when I thought I couldn’t go on (while in India for my exchange term abroad) grace arrived—I discovered meditation and had my first spiritual awakening. 

I never did become an architect, but I also never lost my passion for it. Instead I realized that the most valuable piece of architecture we have is the one we inherited at birth. Just look down at the tip of your nose and you'll see it. It’s our human body: an intricate and astonishing organic vessel created to house a soul. 

After graduation I worked as a nanny and dedicated my time to the spiritual arts. I studied yoga, soul embodiment, energy healing, with plant medicines, meditation, breath-work and learned that the foundation of our life experience is created when we are children. I learned the importance of embracing the pieces of me that were halted in time, and to become the mother and father I needed but didn't have as a child. In discovering how to heal my childhood wounds, I realized my love for healing practices and found my passion

and purpose in guiding others through their healing too.

Training as an Advanced Integrative Energy Healing practitioner catalyzed the activation of my healing gifts and they came with this insight: I saw that the energies of conflict that ran through war zones, were the same energies that ran through our families and through the battleground that existed inside of our own selves. I learned to feel capable of embracing human conflict with unconditional love and experienced the benefits it created on an energetic level. I was inspired to make healing my profession and so created Earth Heart Healing. 


AIEH graduation day  at Langara College, Vancouver Canada, 2019

It's my belief that we are living through historic times and that many are being called to step into their power to create goodness. There is a whole cohort of humanity ready to live sovereign and free, where we learn to embrace the gnostic wisdom offered to us from the earth, and where we choose to leave the trauma based matrix behind. Earth Heart Healing is committed to offering a pioneering journey for those who are called, where self-responsibility is key, and where heart centered connection births balance and illumination.