Hi I’m Marnie, Energy Healer, Author

& Creator of Earth Heart Healing. 

I’ve always had the gift of bringing balance to a space and I’ve always known

it had everything to do with love. I was four when I remember driving in the car

with my father. “Dad” I asked, “why are most of the songs on the radio about love?”

After pausing he replied that “love, is really important to people.” We sat in silence

and I had my first revelation.


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Embrace yourself as the most powerful personal in your own life.

Take responsibility for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

Trust in the support pillars that feel good to your heart.
Let unconditional love be your secret strength.
Believe that you can change on a cellular level.

Explore the world of natural healing.

Take action on your intuitive knowings.
Let your soul-self lead the way.
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Are you ready to open to
the wisdom of your spirit & experience the power of your healer within?  
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The Three Pillars of the
Earth Heart Healing Process



Connect with the earth. 

Attune yourself to the love and support of humanity's mother  and to a version of life that is more healthy, whole, and thriving. As a soul incarnated into a human body, the biggest support that you have you walk

upon every day.  

Remain in



Learn to be open. 

Shift gears and allow the wisdom of your spirit (and not your mind) to guide the pace. Like a loving gardener pruning what no longer serves the plant, take a gentle, slow, and stable  

approach to transformation.


See Through

Heart-Centered Eyes

Practice unconditional love.

It has the power to bring what you are

experiencing into your heart so that transmutation can take place. This is a process that can heal

old wounds from the root and create

lasting positive changes to your



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Awaken your Light  |  Learn to Meditate  |  Open your Chakra's  
Reduce Anxiety and Stress  |
Get to the Root of an Issue  |  See Another Perspective  Enter a Safe Space to Feel  |  Receive Support Towards your Empowerment 
Connect with your Soul  | 
Bring About Mental Clarity  |  Access Higher Vibrations
Heal Relational Trauma  |  
Master your Emotions  |  Expand your Window of Tolerance
Cultivate Happiness From the Inside Out

Take a pause to breathe and go deeper.


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A Seven Part Mini-Course on Teachables 

In this course, Marnie guides you step-by-step through the seven chakras to realign with your deepest truth, and clear away what may not be serving you or may not be your most authentic self. This course serves as a tuning fork for your soul; tuning you back to the home frequency of your truth, and giving you the ability to tune back in, whenever you need to. When you understand the architecture of your aura, inner peace is available to you at any moment. 

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 Connect with your intuition.

Step into a paradigm of self empowerment. 

Move into alignment with your authentic self.

A Questionnaire
5HRS of Personalized 1:1 Support 
4HRS of Pre-recorded Content
Assignments for Growth


* available online & in person 

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    Healer Within

A Five Week Transformational
Program for Awakening Souls