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Meet Marnie 


Marnie is a Canadian based Integrative Energy Healing practitioner, yin yoga teacher, and shamanic healer. She has a Bachelor's degree in Architectural Design from Carleton University and over 10 years of experience working with children.  


She has helped hundreds of people understand their innate energy systems, strengthen their access to high sense perception, and offers her clients a deeper understanding inot the nature of illness and the embodiment of the soul. She has an affinity for inner child work, trauma release, and supporting her clients to open more deeply to themselves and become their own, (ever-evolving) best version.




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Her Story


" In the summer of grade 10 I went abroad for the first time. I went to the Island of Crete. I remember being on a bus driving down a bumpy, curvy road, and noticing these funny looking buildings. They looked like part home and part parking garage. When I questioned my teacher, he explained to me that mortgages were not common in Greece, and so people would build what they could afford and leave the rest unfinished. They kept the basic structure incomplete, so that as time went by and their family line grew, they could then build floors with relative ease. A piece of insight touched me. I was looking at a physical structure that honoured the importance of family, and with rebar poking out of columns in the roof, it revealed to me that things don't need to be perfect to be full of love.


Fast forward some years later and I am a student of architecture. It's my third-year study abroad and I am now in India, the land of spirituality. I had just experienced my first heartbreak and I didn't yet have any healthy tools in my toolkit to cope with the pain. The whole world seemed grey. I made it to my first meditation retreat, and that was it. It was 2012, and I have been on the path of healing ever since. I mention to you my first dream because I am still so inspired by architecture. It has just been transposed. The most valuable piece of architecture we have doesn't cost us anything. It is the one we inherited at birth. Just look down at the tip of your nose and you'll see it. This is the architecture I am interested in now." 

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing ™



AIEH™ is a therapy (similar to Reiki™), that engages our energy bodies for healing. It's a Vancouver based modality created by Ruth Lamb, and the program was affiliated with Langara College for over twenty years. As a retired nurse, Lamb's desire was to create a modality which could integrate into our current medical system. In other words, it’s a 700hr training program with a strong emphasis on standardized documentation and charting. The therapy is a fusion between the soul-based philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, the energetic theory of Barbara Brennan, and the tenderness required to work with the coherence of the heart.

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Work With Marnie 


" Would you like to work with me? Healing is my passion, and teaching the concepts behind personal empowerment is my joy. If you feel the call, I would be honoured to support you. 


AIEH ™ is the pillar of my approach, and it's the core of how I engage in one-on-one healings online. Sessions are client-centred and intuitively guided. If it feels right in the moment, I also bring the rest of my training to the table. We may work with oracle cards, toning, crystals, guided meditation and/or other breath work modalities. Sometimes, there is homework and techniques which you can take with you to practice at home."


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Are you looking for a deeper healing journey, committed support

while you move through your soul growth, or spiritual mentorship? 

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"Softer than the flower, where kindness is concerned; stronger than the thunder, where principles are at stake." ~ Yogananda