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Awaken your Light  |  Learn to Meditate  | Open your Chakra's | Reduce Anxiety and Stress  Get to the Root of an Issue | See Another Perspective | Enter a Safe Space to Feel | Receive Support Towards Your Empowerment  Connect with your Soul  | Bring about Mental Clarity Access Higher Vibrations | Heal Relational Trauma  Master Your Emotions  | Expand Your Window of Tolerance  | Cultivate Happiness from the Inside Out

Do you live in the AREA OF North Dundas?

Earth Heart Healing is located 40 minutes from Ottawa.

Book in person by following these two simple steps

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1) Book a FREE Clarity Call on Zoom 


We'll talk about your needs, your desired outcome, and together we'll get a better understanding of what working together would be like. For those of you who'd like to be led through a transformational program don't forget to ask me about Awaken the Healer Within, I highly recommend it!


2) Book In Though a Service of Your Choice

After our zoom call together, you'll have a good idea of what you should book and how it will benefit you. Sessions can be purchased individually, as a  bundle of 3, 5, or 7 sessions, as 1hr or 1.5hr time slots, and as part of a transformational program.   



*COVID GUIDELINES: Earth Heart Healing honors the rights and freedoms of all human beings as stated under universal and natural law. Covid guidelines are followed on a client to client basis and in a way that fosters your safety and honors your personal boundaries. If you'd like to see how our policies can work for you, please don't hesitate to ask during your clarity call!