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I created Earth Heart Healing because I fell in love with the healing arts. In 2012 I had my first spiritual awakening, and it caused me to remember just how powerful a soul centered heart really was. It’s a soft kind of powerful, and the kind of powerful that heals through love. This experience sparked a complete metamorphosis of my life. 


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ENERGY, is the vibration of sound and light. It's the essential fabric of

the universe and creates everything that we experience in the physical and non-physical world.


The HUMAN ENERGY FIELD, also known as the aura, is a non-physical expression of this energy and it forms a structured and fluid network of subtle data within and around our physical body that can be sensed and tapped into through high sense perception. Comprised of the meridian lines, the chakras, and the layers of the field, you could say that if our bodies were a computer, our aura's would be our hard drive storing the information that creates how we function and also what we see projected on the screen.


HEAL, in one aspect of it's definition, means to make sound or whole. So, you could say that HEALING as a verb is an action that unifies separation.

Put these two words together and the definitions for ENERGY and HEALING describe a unifying and holistic realm of knowledge and developed modalities, that at a vibrational level, can help you to better understand why you are the way you are. This level of self awareness creates a new vantage point for self love, and through this loving embrace how to make improvements to who you are at a foundational level. 


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The four levels of your being

that energy healing can support.

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Each coaching session takes a client centred approach to healing, so each session will be unique. Below are some suggestive themes for healing, and below that are my booking options. Book a virtual session to address something specific, or jump into a transformational program to catalyze your personal growth.

If you're new to energy healing this is a great way to begin. Gently cleansing the auric field is an easy way to help remove day to day baggage and can leave you feeling lighter and more balanced. Just like it's important to eat healthy foods and exercise, it's equally as important to keep the energy

in our auric field clean and our own. Seasonal sessions can be

a great way to stay aligned

and vibrant.

Traumas energetically, are

un-processed experiences stored in the energy field. They are lineage patterns, early childhood experiences that lacked mature support, soul karma, and dynamics in societies programming that many of us were given from the world we live in. To become the most loving, conscious, empowered, and joyful version of who you are, chances are you'll have to walk the sacred path of healing your wounded child within.

Do you know in your heart that

it's time to let go of someone or

something? Are you ready to move forward? If you're

someone who feels ready, yet still, there is a little voice in

your head, a certain emotion

that keeps coming up, or a physical sensation in the body that you feel is still holding you back, dissolving relationship cords can be a helpful way to catalyze a shift.

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I lay on the table with my eyes closed and saw wonderful deep, deep, deep purples

and blue hues of color washing like a tide. A slow-moving constant movement of color

that has felt so healing.  


I felt like my entire soul was receiving a transfusion of kindness.


As for my experience with Marnie, I felt safe immediately whenever I was in the room

with her. I trust her completely. Her openness and lack of ego attachment to outcome

made it possible for us to go on a healing journey together. 

Diane T., Vancouver
Transformational Program 

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A Philosophical Journey of the Soul's Incarnation into Your Subtle Heart

"A heart-centered and heart-led journey into healing through connection."

~ Finding A Happy Life

"Marnie helps us understand how to work with the new consciousness

that is here on this planet now waiting for us to find the wisdom and

courage to claim as we reconfigure a planet that nurtures freedom,

human rights, and a genuine next-level of wellbeing."

~Ruth Lamb, PhD. Author of Human Becoming: A Guide to

Soul Centered Living

"What I love from this book is not only

the content, but the energy it holds."

~Olivia Baumann


As It's Written In The Book

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