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Hello beautiful soul! Welcome to Earth Heart Healing. I'm so happy that you stopped in. We are a company dedicated to soul-based healing, energetic philosophy, and expanding the container of what it means to be human. 

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What is energy healing?


Energy is firstly the vibration of light and sound. It is the essential fabric of the universe and creates everything that we  experience. The Human Energy Field (also known as the Aura), is a structural and fluid network of non physical  energy which holds the programs that create how we experience life. Here's an analogy: the human energy field is to the body, as a hard drive is to a computer screen. It holds the programs for how we see and experience life on all levels;  mentally,  emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In other words, the way that we interface with life happens from the inside out. The word Heal means to make whole, and healing as a verb brings things together and unifies separation. Put these two words together and Energy Healing offers us a unifying and holistic template for why we are the way we are. Its analysis happens through high-sense perception. 



How can I support you?


For most people, an awareness of their energy field is new terrain. That's why healing in this way starts with an open mind. Then we practice going deeper. For that, I am your guide. Where attention goes energy flows, and when we sink in through breath-work and focus, our high sense perception naturally opens up. I support people to connect with and activate their soul. This beautiful process of awakening offers you a new vantage point to see yourself from. We re-member ourselves and the healing process is initiated. Over time, this allows us to strengthen our natural birthright to experience joy and connection.




The Three Pillars of Healing















Remain in


The human energy field, like

the human body, is organic. 

Which means that it grows 

and evolves innately and

slowly. Like the loving gardener pruning what no longer serves the plant, together we take a gentle, slow, and stable approach to 

transformation. We allow the wisdom of your spirit (and not your mind), to guide the pace. 





Practice Grounding

When we are connected to the earth, we are supported by humanities mother to remember and strengthen our higher natural vibration. The earth attunes us to a version of living that is more healthy, whole, and thriving. As a soul incarnated into a human body, the biggest support that we have, we walk upon every day.


See Through Heart-Centered


When we love what we are experiencing without attachment or resistance, we can clearly see the lesson we are learning. Loving brings the energy of what we are experiencing into our hearts and then transmutation happens naturally. We absolve the pattern, and when on the other side, we find we are free to implement action. We heal old wounds, and create lasting positive changes to our foundations.  

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Offering insight into the

way of the heart and soul



Inspiring your


one heart at a time

How Does Focusing on Your Energy Field 

Help You To Heal?

 Each energy healing session is unique. These are just some options to get you

started and give you a better idea of what a session can focus on.  


      The most common interpretation of the chakra system is that we have seven major chakra's that exchange energy with the universal energy field around us. 

       In other words, the chakra's are how we assimilate the life experiences that we read through our five senses. As we grow our capacity to be with our inner world, we can experience this exchange through our high sense perception as well. 

       Trauma in this context, are life experiences that we have not been able to process. The root of these experiences usually comes from childhood and cycles into our day to day perception of life until it becomes integrated.

       Energetically, this is because we don't develop filters on our chakra's until we are about 7 years old. Emotionally, this is because when we are young we need an adult to help us co-regulate big feelings and sometimes this support was not present to us. 


       Do you know in your heart that it is time to let go of someone or something? Do you feel that you are ready to move forward?

       Dissolving relationship cords is helpful for someone who feels like they are ready, and yet there is still that little voice in their head, a certain emotion that keeps coming up, or a physical sensation in their body that arises from time to time related to someone or something that they used to have a close relationship with. 

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I lay on the table with my eyes closed and saw wonderful deep, deep, deep purples and blue hues of color washing like a tide. A slow-moving constant movement of color that has felt so healing.  


I felt like my entire soul was receiving a transfusion of kindness.


As for my experience with Marnie, I felt safe immediately whenever I was in the room with her. I trust her completely. Her openness and lack of ego attachment to outcome made it possible for us to go on a healing journey together. 

Diane T. , Vancouver





"Softer than the flower, where kindness is concerned; stronger than the thunder, where principles are at stake." ~ Yogananda